Chairlift Takes on the Big D with Special Guest Nite Jewel [Review]

I’m excited to announce I’ll be partnering with GoodBAMMSho to bring you reviews of the hottest Indie bands coming through the DFW Metroplex. I couldn’t have asked for a better show to kick off the collaboration then Chairlift with opening act Nite Jewel.

Lying in the shadows of the “live music capital of the world”, otherwise known as Austin, Dallas hasn’t been considered much of a music Mecca. But don’t make your judgments yet because this southern city in the heart of Texas has a lot of talent to offer.

Indie music is making a huge splash on the scene in venues like the Granada Theater, Palladium Ballroom and of course, Club Dada.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Club Dada let alone Deep Ellum and I was a little disappointed to see how desolate the area has become. The happening music scene of my youth has turned into a condo wasteland littered with a few nightclubs and readily available retail space. Thankfully there are still some good bands coming through the east side Dallas hangout, and Monday night was no exception with Nite Jewel and Chairlift on the bill.

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Song of the Day: Wild Belle “Keep You”

I love discovering new music. That feeling of stumbling across something fresh and unique, worlds a part from all of the crap being played on the radio right now. Side note: who’s finally installing Sirius in her car today, this girl!!!!

Matt introduced me to this band last week and Keep You has been on rotation every day since. The Chicago-based sibling duo hasn’t been on the scene very long. In fact, they aren’t even signed yet. With two singles released they’re already stirring up the blogosphere as well as concertgoers at last month’s SXSW festival. And yes of course, we didn’t know they were playing…FAIL!

If the psychedelic, reggae sound of Keep You is any indication of whats to come on their debut LP, I’m stoked! Natalie’s tone and vocal transitions  glide over the hodgepodge of beats, including Elliot’s infectious use of the Sax. Now this is how the instrument should be played (take note Gaga and Katy Perry). I’m not hating on the Saxophone, okay maybe a little, I’m just not feeling the corny resurgence we’ve heard in recent pop music.

Enough babbling, you’ve got to check out this tune!

Keep You:

Song of the Day: Grimes “Oblivion”

Football, motocross, sandwich holding, boomboxes and shirtless frat boys. No this isn’t a flashback from my earlier years, but a video hodgepodge of American culture seen through the eyes of pint size songstress Grimes. Oblivion, off her fourth studio album Vision, is a technicolor escapade that makes you want to run through a poppy field with your hands flailing in the air. Then you stop to listen to the lyrics and start to see the multiple layers of the Canadian musician.

Unfortunately, I was stuffing my face with Mexican food while she was entertaining a packed tent at SXSW. I was finishing my last chip when I realized what time it was…..EFFF!!!! I was super bummed that I missed out on her set but thanks to YouTube I’m able to pretend I was there.

Turn your headphones up and make sure you check out the entire album. It’s worth the download!

Happy Listening!


Song of the Day: Purity Ring “Belispeak”

TGIF!!! The weekend is here and I’ve got lots of good music streaming through my headphones today, especially my pick for Song of the Day.

Purity Ring is an electro pop, or “Future Pop” if we’re getting technical, duo from Canada. They’ve yet to release a full length album as a group but you can find a few tracks floating around the blogosphere. The thing I love the most about this band is their use of synth style instrumentation underneath Megan James’ ethereal vocals. Their hip-hop, R&B and pop influences are intertwined to make a unique record, beautifully mastered for my wannabe hipster taste.

They’ll be opening for Neon Indian next month at the Granada so definitely expect a full report on the show! In the meantime check out their latest single Belispeak!


Song of the Day: The Black Keys “Sister” & “Gold on the Ceiling”

It’s a rainy day in Texas, I’ve got my glass of wine and my hubby with me writing some new songs. I had a great meeting today to talk about my new EP and a lot of discussion about who I want to be as an artist. So I’ve definitely been thinking about my musical inspirations and what kind of sound I want for the new record.

One band throughout this process keeps coming to mind, my favorite band, The Black Keys. Blues and soul speaks to me more then any other kind of music. Even though I am a lover of all kinds of music I keep coming back to my roots. The Black Keys create modern blues/rock elements better then anyone (in my biased opinion) on the scene today.

So for today’s Song(s) of the Day I chose a few tunes of their latest, El Camino. Oh and yes I just bought my tickets to see them in April..EEEEEEKKKK!!! 🙂 Enough babbling…on to the music!


Gold on the Ceiling:

Song of the Day: Neon Indian “Polish Girl”

I am totally digging Neon Indian’s single Polish Girl right now. It makes me feel like I should be driving down the PCH or jumping around an open field with thousands of festival goers. It’s just one of those happy, put your hands up and dance kind of songs. I’m super excited about seeing them live with Purity Ring (yay!!) next month!

So take a listen…play it twice in a row…it will make your Friday that much more enjoyable!

Polish Girl:

Song of the Day – M83 “Midnight City”

You know that awkward moment when you find yourself dancing at your desk with your headphones on….yes I am that girl, and this is that kind of song. I love this song, I love this album! This is one of those tunes you could just put on repeat and never get sick of it!

Turn your speakers up!

Midnight City:

iPod on Repeat…My Top 5 Artists

As always, things have been crazy and my absentee food posts only means one thing…I have been 100% entrenched in my music. From writing, to covering, to listening, there are so many good things going on right now. I only wish I could clone my foodie self because I’ve been seriously neglecting my culinary needs.

So in my music haze I’ve been listening to a lot of music and here are a few of my current favorites.

Who are you listening to? Give me some suggestions…I love being introduced to new artists (old or new)!!!

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