Song of the Day: Toro Y Moi “So Many Details”

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details

I’ve become completely obsessed with Toro Y Moi’s latest release, Anything in Return. From start to finish the record is full of synth-infused Indie Pop goodness. All the tracks off the album are a must listen but some of my favs are Harm in Change, Say That, Rose Quarts, Cola, and of course the first single and today’s Song of the Day, So Many Details.

I’m a little sick that I can’t see him tonight with Wilde Belle in Dallas but thankfully I’ll be checking him out at SXSW! So listen, enjoy and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 🙂

Happy Listening!

Song of the Day: Poolside “Slow Down”

The summer officially escaped me along with most of 2012. Heading into late September things have been moving at lightening speed. I’ve been so busy prepping for my opening gig with Monica next weekend (click HERE for tickets if you’ll be in the DFW area on September 29th) that I don’t even remember the last time I’ve cooked. So of course, I have massively failed to deliver new food posts to you guys. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will slow down a bit and I can spend some time in the kitchen.

In the meantime I think LA based duo Poolside, the self-proclaimed inventors of Daytime Disco, have delivered the perfect tune and mantra for us all to live by. Soak it in, replay a few times, then head back to your crazy lives! 🙂

Happy Listening!


Don’t move so fast

Slow down

Let this feeling last


It’s alright

The starlight will guide us through the night

Image Source: Pitchfork

Song of the Day: Selah Sue “This World”

Last week in place of a typical Friday Song of the Day post I featured my interview with Wind-Up Records artist Jillette Johnson. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out, she is a refreshing new talent and a killer songwriter.

For all of my long time readers you might (faintly) remember Song of the Day version 1, MyTunes!. In early 2010 I featured a young Belgian artist that immediately blew me away with one listen. Blending soul with a touch of reggae her debut album is a non-stop listen from track 1 to 13. She’s talented, she’s beautiful, she’s Selah Sue.

Happy Listening!

This World!

Image Source: Rock Werchter

Song of the Day: Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman “Get Free”

Browser snafus, traveling and limited data plans are all of my excuses for the ridiculously late Song of the Day post today. Matt and I are saying goodbye to summer at the lake house this weekend with some much needed R&R and family time.  So on the drive down we were listening to one of my favorite new songs that fit the blue moon night perfectly…and I had to share!

Family time awaits so I’ll let the song do it’s thang. 😉 What’s everyone up to this holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Listening!

Song of the Day: Astronauts, Etc. “Mystery Colors”

Check out this yummy new track from Astronauts, Etc. for today’s Song of the Day and head over to It’s Forever, Kids for some more tunes. Happy Listening!

It's Forever Kids

“Astronauts, etc.” just released a new single, “Mystery Colors,” which is the first single off their debut EP, “Supermelodic Pulp,” Set for Release on September 8th. The EP will feature a sci-fi music video for each of its five tracks, with a loose narrative tying them together.

“Astronauts, etc.” is the solo project of Anthony Ferraro, a Berkeley student who found electronic music when arthritis prevented him from pursuing a career in classical piano.

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Song of the Day: The XX “Angels”

Ahh The XX. Once again they have delivered a beautiful tune with Angels, the new single off their upcoming album, Coexist, out this September! Romy’s vocals paired with the haunting bass and guitar lines blend to make a passionate love song that only The XX can deliver. Love it!!! So much in fact, this might need to be my next YouTube cover. We will see.

I’m trying out a new restaurant tonight with a girlfriend of mine who’s coming into town, Sfuzzi’s. Pizza, wine, summer patio time and good friends….TGIF!!!!

What’s everyone up to this weekend?


Happy Listening!

Image Source: Words for Music

Song of the Day: Frank Ocean “Sweet Life”

I am sooo excited to announce I will be opening for a Grammy Award winning R&B artist, September 29th, at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX! Unfortunately I won’t be able to reveal who the artist is until Monday. So in lieu of  my big announcement I wanted to highlight one of my current R&B favorites for today’s Song of the Day, Frank Ocean.

I was instantly hooked to Ocean’s sound after hearing the ethereal hit Thinking About You [check out my cover here]. Aside from his buttery [yes I just said that] vocals, his melodies and visual lyrics are all the reasons why I love R&B music. His debut studio release, channel ORANGE, has been on rotation in my earbuds all week. So take a listen [or 10] and have a fabulous weekend!

For those of you in the DFW area come hang out with me at the GoodBAMMSho official launch party at the Live Oak Musical Hall and Lounge in Ft. Worth.

Happy Listening!

Sweet Life:

Image Source: The Telegraph

Song of the Day: Ellie Goulding “Hanging On”

It’s crazy to think it was just two years ago when I first wrote about British songstress Ellie Goulding. Ever since then I’ve been completely captivated by her unique vocals and refreshing sound. Lights is just now making the radio circuit in the US, two years after it’s release, but Ellie is already on to new music and a new album.

Ellie’s follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut is definitely heading in a new direction with her cover of Active Child’s track, Hanging On. “Here’s the beginning of my new journey. Enjoy and share responsibly,” Ellie wrote on her Facebook account Tuesday.

At first I wasn’t 100% sold on Tinie Tempah’s rhyme on the track but I’m loving Ellie’s pain stricken vibe throughout the entire song.  Love it, love Ellie, and I’m definitely ready for some new music!! Keep it coming!

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments field below.

Hanging On (ft. Tinie Tempah):


Song of the Day: Kimbra “Settle Down” + Bonus Track

Alright I’m officially ashamed. Yes, probably the biggest song of the summer, Gotye’s Somebody that I Used to Know, has been out for quite some time, but I just recently took the time to research the female vocalist on the track. Much to my pleasant surprise the artist singing through my headphones is an uber talented vocalist, songwriter and completely captivating to watch onscreen.

The New Zealand native has been writing music since she was a kid (literally) and recently released her debut album in the states this May. Her first single off Vows was written when Kimbra was just 16 years old. Featuring unique layers of vocal harmonies and catchy drum beats Settle Down, better yet, Vows is a refreshingly different and completely fun album. The most impressive thing about Settle Down is watching her perform it live [check out the video below]. Needless to say I’m completely captivated, blown-away and have been listening to her music non-stop ever since.

Check out two of my favorite tracks off the album, Settle Down and Cameo Lover, and quickly run to get the rest of her music. She’s currently touring the US and will be landing in Texas with Gotye in the fall so check her out if she comes to your town.

Settle Down:

Cameo Lover:

Song of the Day: Josephine Baker “La Conga Blicoti”

It’s getting hot in Texas, and not 85 degrees hot, 100+ hot where your clothes stick to you when you’re trying to pump your gas. This is also the time of year when I start dreaming of other places to live. California. New York. Alaska (okay maybe not that far). So in my day-dreaming today I was thinking of a place cool (temperature), alive, full of art, culture, and food that falls into your mouth like tiny pieces of heaven.

I keep all of my favorite cities around the world on my weather app so I can dream about sipping wine at a patio cafe in 70 degrees in Beaune, crossing the ferry from Sausalito to San Francisco in 57 degrees, and taking in the sites while drinking cappuccino under the 60 degree Parisian stars. So in my perpetual state of sweating I will be thinking of all my favorite places and what it would be like to live there, especially my favorite city in the world, Paris.

So here’s my Friday evening nod to París (in a French accident). Tonight I’ll be reminiscing about savoring perfectly poured Vin while watching the lights of the Eiffel Tower glimmer of the Seine.

Josephine Baker – La Conga Blicoti

Image Source: Etsy
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