M83 at the Granada Theater Equals One Magical Night [Reviewish]

Every once in a while a band will come along that completely disrupts your current way of looking at music. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does..it’s pure musical bliss. I’ve come a long way in my musical journey and by no means are close to being finished.

A little history…

I grew up in a very religious household. My grandfather was a minister and both of my parents were ordained ministers during my early childhood years. Like most church going homes in the 80s we weren’t allowed to listen to popular music, watch the Smurfs (damn you Gargamel and your witchery) or pretty much live beyond the church. Now don’t get me wrong, I adored my childhood and appreciate how it shaped me as a person, but growing up in this kind of environment doesn’t expose you to a wide array of music.

When people were reminiscing about how amazing The Beatles were and the genius of Jimmy Hendrix I was saying….who? Not kidding, in fact I can’t believe I’m actually putting this out into the blogosphere. But I’m not ashamed, my gospel/soul/r&b background has shaped me into the singer/musician I am today. Due to my late blooming my early teens and twenties have been an amazing experience in musical soul searching and exploration.

Later on in my childhood I started listening to pop music and it’s been the source of most of my inspiration throughout my singing journey, but things have changed over the last few years. Thanks to some amazing musician friends and most notably, my husband, my eyes have been opened, ears have been blessed, and I’m listening to music that effects me in ways pop music never could attempt to do (but no snobbery here, if you watch my YouTube channel you know how I love all kinds of music).

History lesson over….

Indie music has become so expansive it’s hard to put a label on it. Electronic, pop, ambient, new wave, blah blah…all I know is it’s leaps and bounds better then anything you’ll hear on popular radio today.

M83 was a happy accident I stumbled upon last year and I felt like I was a part of a secret group that had discovered the next big thing. Ahhh bless my little heart when I discovered that “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” was NOT their first album and the man behind the music, Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez, has been creating whimsical licks of musical candy since 2001.

Whether they’ve been around for a year or 11, the new music and brilliance I experienced last Sunday at the Granada Theater was musicianship at its best. I’ve mentioned it many times before in my reviews but the connectivity of the band with the crowd is everything. I’ve been to a lot of shows in my life and I can honestly say I’ve never felt energy from a group like I did with M83. From front man Gonzalez to long term collaborator Morgan Kibby, the LA based group was as cohesive has they come and you could feel their energy throughout their entire set.

From “Steve McQueen” and “Couleurs” to “Reunion” and “Midnight City” the crowd was committed from the moment the lights were dimmed. I knew I was in for a good show but didn’t expect to be completely blown away. Multicolored light beams, champagne sprays and the happiest Frenchman this side of the red river, the Granada hosted one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever been fortunate to attend.

They’re explosive sound sent an infectious energy throughout the crowd with dance beat after next. The guitar player played an entire song while doing the running man, only taking a few minor breaks to guzzle some water, and keyboardist/vocalist, Morgan Kibby, made playing the keyboard look sexier then walking a Victoria Secret fashion show.  An amazing show indeed and one you’ll just have to experience for yourself!

Download their latest, “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” and check them out the next time they’re in your area. I promise you, it will be a night to remember!

Photo Credits (2-6): Bill Ellison and the Granada Theater

Song of the Day – M83 “Midnight City”

You know that awkward moment when you find yourself dancing at your desk with your headphones on….yes I am that girl, and this is that kind of song. I love this song, I love this album! This is one of those tunes you could just put on repeat and never get sick of it!

Turn your speakers up!

Midnight City:

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