Song of the Day: Grimes “Oblivion”

Football, motocross, sandwich holding, boomboxes and shirtless frat boys. No this isn’t a flashback from my earlier years, but a video hodgepodge of American culture seen through the eyes of pint size songstress Grimes. Oblivion, off her fourth studio album Vision, is a technicolor escapade that makes you want to run through a poppy field with your hands flailing in the air. Then you stop to listen to the lyrics and start to see the multiple layers of the Canadian musician.

Unfortunately, I was stuffing my face with Mexican food while she was entertaining a packed tent at SXSW. I was finishing my last chip when I realized what time it was…..EFFF!!!! I was super bummed that I missed out on her set but thanks to YouTube I’m able to pretend I was there.

Turn your headphones up and make sure you check out the entire album. It’s worth the download!

Happy Listening!


Song of the Day: Purity Ring “Belispeak”

TGIF!!! The weekend is here and I’ve got lots of good music streaming through my headphones today, especially my pick for Song of the Day.

Purity Ring is an electro pop, or “Future Pop” if we’re getting technical, duo from Canada. They’ve yet to release a full length album as a group but you can find a few tracks floating around the blogosphere. The thing I love the most about this band is their use of synth style instrumentation underneath Megan James’ ethereal vocals. Their hip-hop, R&B and pop influences are intertwined to make a unique record, beautifully mastered for my wannabe hipster taste.

They’ll be opening for Neon Indian next month at the Granada so definitely expect a full report on the show! In the meantime check out their latest single Belispeak!


The Theatrics of Pop Music

From Lady Gaga and her wicked scorched piano, to Pink and her flying trapeze in the sky, pop music is pushing the limits beyond racy midriffs and girl on girl pecks (channel Madonna, Britney, & Christina). A 16 year old Britney Spears in today’s industry wouldn’t even make your grandmother blush.

Every generation defines their own pop music. The world of millennial pop, once filled with fresh faced tartlets ready to take on the world, has been replaced with Billy Idol’s long lost children and Cher’s pant less protégés. Shocking, maybe not, but watching today’s popular music feels like watching a musical theater production on copious amounts of Rock Star and crack.

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