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Sarah Sellers - Fuck It It's Alright

I’ve always been a huge foodie and cooking has become a huge passion of mine, but music has been my number one love since I was a little girl. Nothing makes me happier than my piano and a microphone. So check out some of my own personal videos!

Check out SARRA Musik

SARRA – Natural

SARRA – Is This Letting Go (Live at Sofar Sounds DFW)

SARRA – Gone Through Hell 

SARRA – Fuck It It’s Alright

Banks – Drowning [Cover] SARRA

10 responses

  1. Wow. I’m listening to the first video – Rolling in the Deep. Amazing. If you didn’t get to see CMT’s Artists of the Year special, you should see it. Adele and Darius Rucker sang Need You Now by Lady A…it was fantastic! You’d appreciate it!

  2. Sarah,
    I watched your audition for American Idol several times and I really LOVE your voice. I hear a bit of Pink in there. I believe you have the whole “package” if you work it. “Star” polish to an image is critical. I will tell you that I prefer you performing without your glasses as they didn’t look like they fit the performance (a bit studious I think). Love them otherwise though. One of my favorite contestant images is Rebecca Ferguson from UK X Factor UK. Loved her “show me love” performance (even though she doesn’t move much yet). But she has some things down pat like the image and vocals. You must put your own stamp on your look, music and performance too. I just wanted you to know how important it is for me to see this as a viewer. On top of a wonderful voice you are very pretty, intelligent and confident. The very best of luck Sarah and I look forward to hearing more performances. Leanne PS loved your look and performance in Sugar Crush video

    • Thanks Leanne. I appreciate the feedback and yes I agree…getting down the “look” is very important!! I also loved Rebecca Ferguson. She was so real and had such a unique/great voice. Cher Lloyd was really fun to watch too! 🙂 Thanks again for the support.

  3. You have a unique voice too Sarah (speaking of Rebecca F). If it wasn’t so unique I wouldn’t have replayed your audition 6 times. It was the tone and a bit of the raspy in it I liked. Besides – Steven Tyler thought so and I know he hears what I heard. I admire him for noticing. This must be so very exciting for you. Sometimes I really wish I could sing. But we all have gifts from God and I hope you truly enjoy this experience.

  4. Sarah,
    I am so sorry you didn’t make it past Hollywood Week. There are many people like me who are both surprised and disappointed. That has to tell you something positive though doesn’t it?

    Most artists make it “without” reality shows anyway. When I listen to Dido or the singer of Lamb – I can see you as a similar artist. Ash Koley (friend of a business acquaintance) is an up and coming artist here in Canada who is doing it on her own. Check out her website at

    The talent shows are not the right path for every artist. When I keep hitting a brick wall I’ve been told that a power beyond is trying to show me a better way. With focus, discipline, persistence and originality you can do anything you want with that voice.

    Just wanted to say I think your voice is amazing and I don’t agree with the judges decision that day. The show isn’t perfect.


  5. You are an excellent singer…… If you are ever in the detroit area singing let me know….I will make sure it’s a sellout crowd….American Idol was threatened by your talent. They cant have a runaway winner it doesn’t make for interesting T.V.

  6. Wow. You’re great. I was just reading an article on “Robbed American Idol Singers” and you were right there with Pia Toscano and some other great singers like yourself. It’s great to see you haven’t given up!

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