Song of the Day: Wild Belle “Keep You”

I love discovering new music. That feeling of stumbling across something fresh and unique, worlds a part from all of the crap being played on the radio right now. Side note: who’s finally installing Sirius in her car today, this girl!!!!

Matt introduced me to this band last week and Keep You has been on rotation every day since. The Chicago-based sibling duo hasn’t been on the scene very long. In fact, they aren’t even signed yet. With two singles released they’re already stirring up the blogosphere as well as concertgoers at last month’s SXSW festival. And yes of course, we didn’t know they were playing…FAIL!

If the psychedelic, reggae sound of Keep You is any indication of whats to come on their debut LP, I’m stoked! Natalie’s tone and vocal transitions  glide over the hodgepodge of beats, including Elliot’s infectious use of the Sax. Now this is how the instrument should be played (take note Gaga and Katy Perry). I’m not hating on the Saxophone, okay maybe a little, I’m just not feeling the corny resurgence we’ve heard in recent pop music.

Enough babbling, you’ve got to check out this tune!

Keep You:

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