This is me!

Sarah's Musical Kitchen

Welcome to my world of food and music! I’m a singer, songwriter, and foodie from Dallas, TX. I contemplated writing a blog for quite some time and decided to document my adventures in food and music after a fun night of cooking back in 2009.

I was born in Oklahoma City and raised by a crazy bunch of music lovers and performers. I grew up listening to gospel music and admiring the R&B greats like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. I started performing locally at the age of 6 and haven’t stopped since.

You might have seen me on Season 10 of American Idol (Steven Tyler made headlines with a comment or two about my lips), writing reviews and cooking up recipes for sites like Yahoo! Music, GoodBammSho and Virgin Records, or performing all over the Dallas metroplex.

I fell in love with food after living with my amazing chef of a roommate throughout college. Shortly after I started using friends and family as guinea pigs for all my cooking experiments. Some turned out delicious…some went straight to the trash. But I fell in love with cooking along the way and have such a blast playing with new ingredients.

I love to call this little spot on the internet home for recipes, music reviews, travel updates, news on my music and anything else I feel like typing into the interwebs!

You can also check out my music site, SARRA Musik, for complete updates, photos, events, and videos on this amazing musical adventure of mine.

So stop in, say hi in the comments and let me know what your eating and listening to!

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12 responses

  1. Awesome blog site babe! I think you should definitely post some of your more creative recipes on it to share with the world. Also, open up a suggestions box for your viewers to put their favorite recipes/songs in there as well.

  2. Just caught you on American Idol … you did a GREAT job!!! I love your blog site as well. It’s very well put-together!

    Good luck on AI! You have a beautiful voice!

  3. Hi Sarah! Saw you on Idol, love your voice and loved the fact that you have a food and music blog. They do go so well together. I am currently in culinary school and loving every minute of it! Good luck on Idol, I will be rooting for ya ; )

  4. Sarah you have an amazing voice! You audition brought me to tears, may be it is because I just sang that exact same song to my son as he goes to sleep, but none the less it is refreshing to hear someone who has such a soulful voice show off the power with a soft tone. Keep up the good work!

  5. I just wanted to say that you were robbed on Idol darlin! I was stunned last night when they said you did not make it…ugh! But you keep singing for sure because you are fabulous! I ,for one, will be buying the Sarah Sellers album when it comes out =)

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