Song of the Day: Grimes “Oblivion”

Football, motocross, sandwich holding, boomboxes and shirtless frat boys. No this isn’t a flashback from my earlier years, but a video hodgepodge of American culture seen through the eyes of pint size songstress Grimes. Oblivion, off her fourth studio album Vision, is a technicolor escapade that makes you want to run through a poppy field with your hands flailing in the air. Then you stop to listen to the lyrics and start to see the multiple layers of the Canadian musician.

Unfortunately, I was stuffing my face with Mexican food while she was entertaining a packed tent at SXSW. I was finishing my last chip when I realized what time it was…..EFFF!!!! I was super bummed that I missed out on her set but thanks to YouTube I’m able to pretend I was there.

Turn your headphones up and make sure you check out the entire album. It’s worth the download!

Happy Listening!


Song of the Day: Chairlift “Sidewalk Safari”

Last weekend I fell in love with Chairlift. Prior to my trip to Austin for SXSW my knowledge of the band rest solely in one single, Sidewalk Safari. When Matt and I were making our list of bands to see there were two choices for Friday afternoon, wait in line for the Rhapsody Rocks party where Gauntlet Hair, Zola Jesus, and Washed Out were playing, or the Spin Party to see Santigold, Best Coast and Chairlift. Since we didn’t get passes to the Spin party Rhapsody rocks it was.

While filming The Day After with Yahoo! Music reality blogstress (yes I just made that up), Lyndsey Parker, we started chatting about the full day of music ahead. Long story short….I guess it was the Austin air or the fact that it was my birthday, regardless, she hooked us up with two passes to the Spin show!!!! So in between the amazingness of Gauntlet Hair and Zola Jesus we rushed over to check out Chairlift.

Let me just say…I was completely hypnotized by lead singer Caroline Polachek. She oozed this mysterious calm and coolness with her quirky dance moves and vocals that seemed to cover the crowd like a blanket. I instantly downloaded their latest album and haven’t stopped listening to it since.

On a side note…we totally missed Santigold, le sigh, but I saw her a few years back and if you get the opportunity you must see her live. AMAZING!

TGIF and Happy Listening!

Sidewalk Safari:

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