Experimenting with Souffles

chocolate-souffleI first tried my hand at Souffles earlier this year and I must say, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Something about those beautifully puffed creations just made me nervous. But what better way to test my skills then with a Mexican Chocolate Souffle.

I had been craving chocolate, more than usual, and I saw a show on the Food Network that used cayenne pepper in their chocolate sauce. This wasn’t a new concept to me, but one that I had never tried before and one I had to try really soon. I can’t remember the exact occasion, but it involved a night in with the hubby and  culinary experimentation. Continue reading

Central Market Cooking Class – Italian Fresh Pasta

This past Monday I took my second cooking class at Central Market, Italian Fresh Pasta, and it was Fabulous!! When deciding which class I was going to take next two things came to mind, my love for pasta, and my desire to squash my fear of homemade dough.

My one and only attempt at making my own dough was for a Cooking Light Chicken Pot Pie recipe. So many things went wrong with that crust and all I can say is that was just simply edible. I definitely wouldn’t fancy myself a baker and my lack of experience has kept me from venturing in to the world of homemade breads and anything in need of a crust. My pizzas always just turn out “okay” and I know it’s because of the frozen pizza crust that I use. I knew I could eventually wrap my mind around these recipes…it would just take some practice.

A pasta class seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. Not only do I love pasta, but I could take my new techniques and try my hand at other homemade doughs. When I got to the class I was really excited but a little apprehensive of the fact that we would be making our pasta in groups. I didn’t know how much I would actually be able to make myself. Needless to say the groups were necessary in order to prepare the amazing menu we would enjoy for dinner in just two and a half hours. Continue reading

My Knife and Me

KnivesThis past weekend I attended my first class at the Central Market Cooking School! Instead of diving head first into group cooking I thought I would start with my technique first. I have to give myself kudos for how far I’ve come with my knife skills in the kitchen. Ever since I received my first set of cutlery as a wedding gift, I have slowly but surely improved. The first hurdle was overcoming the fear. Something about a large, shiny, and deadly object lying in my shaky hands freaked me out just a bit. Prep-time for me was like cooking an entire meal in itself. Needless to say, the simple task of chopping an onion felt like an eternity. Once I was able to grip my knife with confidence I was on my way!

Now, by no means am I anywhere close to chopping like a culinary expert, but I am leaps and bounds better than I was. Along with my new found technique has come a few scary confrontations with my trusty knife; resulting in a little bit of blood and minor yelps. I have to blame my lack of proper instruction on my accidents. So, I set out to learn the right steps before delving any deeper into the culinary world. Continue reading

My first cooking disaster!

I’m sure every cook has at least one, or many, memorable disasters stashed away in their memory, and it is no different for me. I’ve never been prone to burning things; my problem was simply misreading recipes. With the internet and all the available sources, there really isn’t a reason to not understand what the recipe calls for. Just a simple click on Google can answer almost any culinary question in existence (that easy right). Well, call it a case of stubbornness or just shear naivety, but I didn’t reach out to anything but my limited food encyclopedia stashed in my brain on this incident.

A few years back when I really started to enjoy and get in to cooking, I wanted to impress my boyfriend at the time with my new skill. So I sought out to find an impressive recipe that would showcase my new hobby. Continue reading

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