Song of the Day: Paul Banks “The Base”

I am a massive Interpol fan. The first time I heard Turn on the Bright Lights I felt like someone had knocked my naive music self into a different realm of sound. So of course when Paul Banks came out of his Julian Plenti shell with a 10 year anniversary celebration for TOTBL under his belt and a new solo project, I took notice!

The Base is the first single off of Bank’s second solo effort, aptly titled Banks, scheduled for an October 22nd release. Take a listen and soak in the musical yumminess that is Mr. Paul Banks!

Happy Listening!

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Song of the Day: The XX “Angels”

Ahh The XX. Once again they have delivered a beautiful tune with Angels, the new single off their upcoming album, Coexist, out this September! Romy’s vocals paired with the haunting bass and guitar lines blend to make a passionate love song that only The XX can deliver. Love it!!! So much in fact, this might need to be my next YouTube cover. We will see.

I’m trying out a new restaurant tonight with a girlfriend of mine who’s coming into town, Sfuzzi’s. Pizza, wine, summer patio time and good friends….TGIF!!!!

What’s everyone up to this weekend?


Happy Listening!

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Song of the Day: Friendly Fires “Paris”

Happy Friday everyone! The weekends are always so bitter sweet for me. Another week has flown by in my life in a flash, reaffirming the fact that our time is fleeting and we should live every moment to the fullest! But then I tell my self…’s Friday! A time to relax, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the company of my hubby. Tonight we’re headed to a “Contemporary Mexican Food” restaurant, Komali, to quench our craving for a little Tex-Mex after our 10 day cleanse. Yes, I owe you guys a post and I’ll deliver on that tomorrow…I promise!!! 😉

I’m in an adventurous mood today. Ready to hop on the next plane to Paris to eat and drink under the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately Dallas and it’s 104 degrees will have to do so instead I’ll settle for a little musical homage to the city of love. So check out today’s Song of the Day, “Paris” by the Friendly Fires.

What’s everyone up to this weekend?

**Side Note: I’ll be opening for Monica at the House of Blues Dallas, September 29th! Tickets went on sale today. If you’re in the area head over to Live Nation and pick up your ticket. I would love to see everyone there!

Happy Listening!


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Song of the Day: Hooray for Earth “True Loves”

Happy Friday everyone! Sadly I have to give the cliche apology for not posting any food blogs in a while…things have been crazy, but definitely in a good way. I have a lot of exciting things happening musically that I can’t wait to share with you guys. I’m currently in the studio with Goode Vibes Music writing, making music and getting ready for a HUGE gig in September [details to come]. I promise though…a simple, delicious, and semi-healthyish tart recipe is in my future this weekend.

Today’s song of the day isn’t a new song, but I love it, so I thought I would post it for your listening enjoyment this beautiful Friday afternoon. It’s big, complex, moving and has that unique sound you can only find coming out of NYC.

Happy listening!

True Loves: 

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Song of the Day: Grizzly Bear “Sleeping Ute”

Ahhh the boys are back. Grizzly Bear recently released the first track off their follow-up to  the 2009 critically acclaimed album, Veckatimest. The currently untitled record is set for a September 18th release on Warp Records, followed by an international tour.

In typical Grizzly Bear style the track meshes together hard hitting drum beats, Daniel Rossen’s signature guitar playing, and the always dynamic vocals that lace perfectly in-between the multiple layers of music. I can’t wait for the new album. Now if they’ll just add a Dallas date to their tour I’ll be set!

I hope everyone made it through the mid-week 4th of July festivities. Check out the new track and have a great weekend!

Sleeping Ute:

Image Source: Sickest Addictions

Song of the Day: Poliҫa “Lay Your Cards Out”

Ahh yes my favorite time of the week. Nothing goes better on a Friday then a little music to get your weekend started. For today’s Song of the Day I’m going back to last year’s release, Give You the Ghost, from the Minneapolis based group, Poliҫa.

Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olson put together quite the dream-scape on their debut record with Leaneagh’s heavily distorted vocals and Olson’s hypnotic beats. I see myself driving down a long winding road in the dark with only the headlights guiding the way (Lost Highway anyone) with this song on blast. Very few people can pull off Channy’s heavy vocals track after track, and honestly at first it was a little much. I couldn’t stop listening  though and now I think it’s quite brilliant.

So turn the volume up and enjoy your weekend! If you’re a new band or know of a great band that you’d like to see featured on Song of the Day let me know in the comments below.

Happy Listening!

Lay Your Cards Out:

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Song of the Day: ultraísta “smalltalk”

What do you get when you pare the brilliance of Nigel Godrich, clever synthesized beats and the celestial vocals of Laura Bettinson, ultraísta. The “sixth” member of my all time favorite band Radiohead, has formed a new group with drummer Joey Waronker and Bettinson. Information is sparse online aside from their newly released single, smalltalk.

I’m loving this new track and the video is mesmerizing…literally, the movement and colors keep your eyes locked. The drum beats are beautifully wrapped with Bettinson’s vocals and the familiar synth effects that are becoming a staple in Indie Pop/Electronic music today. Their Facebook page hints for more to come so hopefully an EP or full length album is in their future.

Happy Listening and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!! What does everyone have going for the long holiday?

Song of the Day: White Denim “Street Joy”

Oh Friday how I love you. It’s the end of a long week and the start of the weekend! I can stay up as late as I want and drink as much wine as I please without worrying about hitting the grind the next day. What I will have to worry about is making my flight Saturday morning!!! Yes that’s right I’m FINALLY making my first trip to Las Vegas. The food, the gambling, lord help me…I will definitely try to squeeze in some quick posts throughout the trip!

For all the mothers and graduates, I wish you the best weekend ever!! To get it started off right I thought I’d go with a little White Denim for your Friday afternoon. Yes I know I promised some more music from the fab ZZ Ward, but I decided to spread the Song of the Day love instead. Frontman James Petralli gives a very Jeff Buckley vibe to Street Joy, one of the more mellow tracks on the bands 2011 release, D. It’s a perfect mid-day tune.

Street Joy: 

Photo Source: NME

Song of the Day: Sarah Jaffe “Glorified High”

TGIF everyone! Another Friday has arrived and another busy weekend ahead. I’m super stoked to see Sarah Jaffe’s headlining show at the Granada Theater tomorrow night. I’m a new fan of Sarah and have been listening to her second studio album, The Body Wins, nonstop since it’s release last week. I’ll be reviewing the show for GoodBAMMSho so look out for a full report early next week.

The Texas native’s calming vocals blend beautifully with haunting piano licks and perfectly placed orchestral melodies. Not to mention she’s a phenomenal songwriter. The Body Wins is simply, refreshing.

I’ve completely fallen in love with the female voice again with all of the fantastic vocalists on the scene lately. As a singer growing up around big voices it’s easy to get locked into the typical “pop” sound with soaring high notes and exaggerated vocal runs. Artist like Sarah Jaffe tap into the simplicity of the female voice, the beautify of those warm tones so many singers forget to tap into (myself included). I’m inspired!

Check out her current single Glorified High below and have a fantastic weekend!

Glorified High:

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Song(s) of the Day: Class Actress “Weekend” & “Keep You”

TGIF!! I am SOOOO excited about this weekend. Sunday I finally get to see my favorite band live, The Black Keys!! Every year Dallas based radio station 102.1 The Edge puts on a mini festival called EdgeFest. In the past the lineup wasn’t really that appealing but this year I’m beyond stoked for the show. Sixteen bands will be playing but I’m the most excited about The Ting Tings, Arctic Monkeys (amazing live), Garbage, Cake, and of course The Black Keys. I’ll be reviewing the show for GoodBammSho so check back early next week for a full report.

For  today’s song of the day I wanted an ode to the weekend so what better song  then “Weekend” by Brooklyn-based (of course) trio Class Actress. I love their album so much that I had to do a special two part Song of the Day with their equally amazing single, “Keep You”.

I love the styling of Indie music these days. The strong female presence and electronic elements blended together with delicious synthpop beats. It’s definitely making me more excited about music then I have been in a while.

Happy Listening!


Keep You:

Who are you jamming out to these days?

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