iPod on Repeat…My Top 5 Artists

As always, things have been crazy and my absentee food posts only means one thing…I have been 100% entrenched in my music. From writing, to covering, to listening, there are so many good things going on right now. I only wish I could clone my foodie self because I’ve been seriously neglecting my culinary needs.

So in my music haze I’ve been listening to a lot of music and here are a few of my current favorites.

Who are you listening to? Give me some suggestions…I love being introduced to new artists (old or new)!!!

Ellie Goulding

OBSESSED! I wrote an article for Virgin.com last year about this fabulous artist and my love for her continues to grow with every listen. She’s completely unique and combines my favorite elements…electronica, indie, and pop all in one.

Guns and Horses – Lights

Salt Skin – Lights

Foster the People

All I can say about this LA based band is…well…they’re very pleasing to my ears so take a listen!

Call It What You Want – Torches

Life On the Nickel – Torches


Warpaint blows my mind…that is all.

Undertow – Warpaint

Bees – Warpaint

Washed Out

The first time I heard Washed Out was on the season premiere of Portlandia (yes I know but you have to start somewhere right). I was immediately hooked by his subtle tones and hypnotic hooks…amazing. Check it out!

Feel it All Around – Within and Without

In this case I have saved the best for last. I’m 1000% engulfed in this band right now. Yes I know they’ve been around for a while, and I’ve known about them for a long long time. I’ve enjoyed the listens I’ve had, but it wasn’t until my husband burned all of their CD’s (yes my car is not iPod compatible) for a recent road trip that I was awakened by the greatness of The Black Keys. My life is changed…I want to lock myself in a room and write bluesy tunes riff after riff. This band has inspired me beyond belief and I can’t get enough.

Heavy Soul – The Big Come Up

Sinister Kid – Brothers

Tighten Up – The Black Keys cover by Sarah Sellers

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