Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Pt. 2

As a fellow Dallasite I’ve definitely heard an ear full of Erykah Badu since the release of her “Window Seat” video last month. The news has been full of likes and dislikes for Ms. Badu’s controversial video shoot.

If you aren’t aware of her most recent escapade, she did a gorilla style shoot for her latest single by walking the streets of downtown Dallas, slowly stripping down to her birthday suit. Once she reached the famed Dealey Plaza she was completely in the buff and “shot” to the ground in front of quite a few bystanders. In the conservative world of the south this translated into two major outcries. First, she got naked in front of a crowd of people that included some small children, and second, she portrayed herself being shot in the same spot JFK’s life was ended. Everyone has heard plenty of opinions on this, so I’ll get down to my own personal opinion on what really matters…the phenomenal piece of music that is New Amerykah Pt. 2.

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The Theatrics of Pop Music

From Lady Gaga and her wicked scorched piano, to Pink and her flying trapeze in the sky, pop music is pushing the limits beyond racy midriffs and girl on girl pecks (channel Madonna, Britney, & Christina). A 16 year old Britney Spears in today’s industry wouldn’t even make your grandmother blush.

Every generation defines their own pop music. The world of millennial pop, once filled with fresh faced tartlets ready to take on the world, has been replaced with Billy Idol’s long lost children and Cher’s pant less protégés. Shocking, maybe not, but watching today’s popular music feels like watching a musical theater production on copious amounts of Rock Star and crack.

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Sarah Sellers & Virgin Records

Since starting my blog last September I’ve been trying to think of different ways to incorporate not only my love of food, but of music as well. Music is a huge huge part of my life and I love sharing my experiences with people. MyTunes has been a really fun way to share what’s playing on my iPod, and to find out what other people are listening to. Between MyTunes and the food and music pairings I’ve been fortunate to grab the attention of a really great site! Continue reading

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