Song of the Day: Poliҫa “Lay Your Cards Out”

Ahh yes my favorite time of the week. Nothing goes better on a Friday then a little music to get your weekend started. For today’s Song of the Day I’m going back to last year’s release, Give You the Ghost, from the Minneapolis based group, Poliҫa.

Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olson put together quite the dream-scape on their debut record with Leaneagh’s heavily distorted vocals and Olson’s hypnotic beats. I see myself driving down a long winding road in the dark with only the headlights guiding the way (Lost Highway anyone) with this song on blast. Very few people can pull off Channy’s heavy vocals track after track, and honestly at first it was a little much. I couldn’t stop listening  though and now I think it’s quite brilliant.

So turn the volume up and enjoy your weekend! If you’re a new band or know of a great band that you’d like to see featured on Song of the Day let me know in the comments below.

Happy Listening!

Lay Your Cards Out:

Image source: Ofive.TV

Song of the Day: Santigold and Her Dancing Divas at the House of Blues Dallas [Review]

Mother nature couldn’t have picked a better night to wash the city clean then Wednesday [insert extreme sarcasm here]. Severe thunderstorms and flash flooding aside I slipped on my concert wear, hooked an umbrella to my arm and dragged my music loving a@# to the House of Blues.

Hot off the release of her long awaited sophomore album, Master of My Make-Believe, Santigold, AKA Santi White, finally made it back to the HOB stage after three years and a name change (formerly Santogold). In today’s fast paced, “I want everything now” society it’s almost unheard of to wait three years for an artist to release an album, let alone their second. But there’s something to be said about the wait…the anticipation of new music and the constant search for news or info on what your favorite artists are up to. For me, the wait has been painful because yes, I secretly wish I was the third back-up dancer to Santigold, or even just a fly on the wall during her writing and recording sessions. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a fan.

Drawing the usual young and diverse crowd, this was the perfect venue for Ms. White. Large enough to pack a crowd yet intimate enough to feel the energy in the back of the house, this is the type of show I love to see at the House of Blues. My expectations were definitely high considering the brilliance of her 2009 tour and even though Master of my Make-Believe didn’t wow me as much as her debut effort, I was anxious to see how the new blended with the old.

The musicians took the stage flanked in what I would call tribal safari gear, followed by the secret sauce of Santi’s shows, her background dancers. More on them later…

The show opened with Go!, track one of her latest release that features the AMAZING  Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. No, Karen did not make an appearance (that would have been epic) but Santigold carried the tune off beautifully, making you completely forget this was intended for two truly distinct female vocalists. No time was wasted getting to tracks of her debut, Santogold,  and I must say, the two albums blended perfectly together.

Mired with technical issues in the beginning White made repeated trips to the side of the stage to converse with the sound booth but overall the group handled it beautifully. The only annoyance with the technical difficulties was the revelation of the backing tracks being played with the music. No hate here, I understand this type of music can be hard to pull off without them, but I like to remain a naive concert goer and believe every sound effect is achieved live. Moments of frustration were seen on Ms. White’s face but she moved on like a pro and continued to amp up the crowd with an ease and grace you rarely see in a live performer. And yes, the backing tracks seemed to fade away once the sound problems were fixed.

Track after track from L.E.S. Artistes to Disparate Youth, Big Mouth and Freak Like Me it was a shame I was packed like a sardine in general admission because you can’t help but want to dance your ass off. That leads me to one of my favorite parts of the show, Santigold’s duo of stone faced, scintillating dancers, the SG-1’s. Perfectly choreographed, unabashedly sexy and all without cracking a smile these chicks are visual perfection. I found myself staring at the SG-1’s at times more then White herself and anxiously waiting to see what they would morph into next. Multiple outfit changes later (for the entire band), a giant horse, psychedelic umbrellas and enough booty shaking that Sir Mix a Lot would approve, this might just be the must see show of the summer.

A delicious blend of rock, pop, new wave, indie and probably a dozen other genres you could reference in her music, Santigold knows how to bring nothing but fun to the stage, literally. Selecting an energetic group from the crowd White turned the stage into a dance club, but not before instructing the fame hungry patrons to move back so the show could still go on. In true rock star style she sang, danced and endured a plethora of leg humps during her ultra popular hit Creator.

The night ended with a Spank Rock special, B.O.O.T.A.Y and the opportunity for the SG-1’s to impress me yet again with their..uh hummm…dancing magic. Santigold put on a stellar HOB show while solidifying my admiration for the multidimensional artist and her troupe of dancing divas.

Disparate Youth:


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Song of the Day: St. Vincent “Cheerleader”

It’s officially summer in Texas. Hot, muggy, and pretty much miserable, but there’s a bit more time until we start seeing triple digits (hopefully). Generally I stay clear of outdoor venues in the summer heat but tonight I get the opportunity to play pretend photographer at the KXT Summer Cut mini fest. I’ll be reviewing the show for GoodBAMMSho so look out for that this weekend.

The Flaming Lips are headlining tonight’s show but I’m most excited to see Texas native St. Vincent! So in honor of tonight’s event check out Cheerleader off her latest record Strange Mercy. Time to go check out some live music – and I hear there’s food trucks!!! Watch out!


Image Credit: Art Forum

Song of the Day: ultraísta “smalltalk”

What do you get when you pare the brilliance of Nigel Godrich, clever synthesized beats and the celestial vocals of Laura Bettinson, ultraísta. The “sixth” member of my all time favorite band Radiohead, has formed a new group with drummer Joey Waronker and Bettinson. Information is sparse online aside from their newly released single, smalltalk.

I’m loving this new track and the video is mesmerizing…literally, the movement and colors keep your eyes locked. The drum beats are beautifully wrapped with Bettinson’s vocals and the familiar synth effects that are becoming a staple in Indie Pop/Electronic music today. Their Facebook page hints for more to come so hopefully an EP or full length album is in their future.

Happy Listening and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!! What does everyone have going for the long holiday?

Song of the Day: Morning Teleportation “Just a Figment” [Review]

Morning Teleportation

I’m doing things a little different for today’s Song of the Day. Last Wednesday I reviewed a local show for GoodBAMMSho in Deep Ellum and was pleasantly surprised by the night’s lineup. Philly foursome Nicos Gun, local Dallas boys The Roomsounds, and Isaac Brock’s (of Modest Mouse fame) pet project, Morning Teleportation were an impressive group of young musicians.

My favorite of the night was headliner Morning Teleportation. Their distinct sound really caught my attention for reasons that you’ll just have to read below (how about that transition). So check out a track off their 2011 release, Expanding Anyway, and read up on the other stellar bands of the night.

Just a Figment: 

Nicos Gun

Wednesday night brought three very different yet seamlessly connected bands to the LaGrange in Deep Ellum. The last few times I’ve ventured down the tattooed streets of the once bustling local music scene, a little bit of hope is restored for music in Dallas. The LaGrange is a quaint and hip music spot perfect enough to fill a herd of music lovers into its sophisticated ambiance. It’s been serving up local tunes and Tex-Mex for a few years now but to me, I’ve found a new spot to check out the hungry and talented (musically speaking of course).

Wednesday’s event was sponsored by the fabulous peeps at Blackbox Presents and GoodBAMMSho. Opening the night was philly foursome Nicos Gun. Permeating the dark streets with their electro infused beats it made for a grand entrance into the club. The crowd was small but it didn’t prevent them from putting on a hell of a good set.

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Song of the Day: White Denim “Street Joy”

Oh Friday how I love you. It’s the end of a long week and the start of the weekend! I can stay up as late as I want and drink as much wine as I please without worrying about hitting the grind the next day. What I will have to worry about is making my flight Saturday morning!!! Yes that’s right I’m FINALLY making my first trip to Las Vegas. The food, the gambling, lord help me…I will definitely try to squeeze in some quick posts throughout the trip!

For all the mothers and graduates, I wish you the best weekend ever!! To get it started off right I thought I’d go with a little White Denim for your Friday afternoon. Yes I know I promised some more music from the fab ZZ Ward, but I decided to spread the Song of the Day love instead. Frontman James Petralli gives a very Jeff Buckley vibe to Street Joy, one of the more mellow tracks on the bands 2011 release, D. It’s a perfect mid-day tune.

Street Joy: 

Photo Source: NME

Song of the Day: Sarah Jaffe “Glorified High”

TGIF everyone! Another Friday has arrived and another busy weekend ahead. I’m super stoked to see Sarah Jaffe’s headlining show at the Granada Theater tomorrow night. I’m a new fan of Sarah and have been listening to her second studio album, The Body Wins, nonstop since it’s release last week. I’ll be reviewing the show for GoodBAMMSho so look out for a full report early next week.

The Texas native’s calming vocals blend beautifully with haunting piano licks and perfectly placed orchestral melodies. Not to mention she’s a phenomenal songwriter. The Body Wins is simply, refreshing.

I’ve completely fallen in love with the female voice again with all of the fantastic vocalists on the scene lately. As a singer growing up around big voices it’s easy to get locked into the typical “pop” sound with soaring high notes and exaggerated vocal runs. Artist like Sarah Jaffe tap into the simplicity of the female voice, the beautify of those warm tones so many singers forget to tap into (myself included). I’m inspired!

Check out her current single Glorified High below and have a fantastic weekend!

Glorified High:

Photo Source: Music is Amazing

Song of the Day: 2:54 “You’re Early”

London based siblings Colette and Hannah Thurlow make up the dark and dreamy 2:54. It’s hard to turn on Sirius XMU without hearing their latest single “You’re Early” and I’m definitely not complaining. I’m not usually drawn to dreary chick rock but this is different. It has an allure, an edge that keeps you drawn into every drum roll and guitar lick. Colette’s vocals are pretty enticing as well.

Check out another tune, Got a Hold, on Fader and look out for their debut album to hit stores next month.

You’re Early:

What’s everyone up to this weekend??

Photo source: NME

Song(s) of the Day: Class Actress “Weekend” & “Keep You”

TGIF!! I am SOOOO excited about this weekend. Sunday I finally get to see my favorite band live, The Black Keys!! Every year Dallas based radio station 102.1 The Edge puts on a mini festival called EdgeFest. In the past the lineup wasn’t really that appealing but this year I’m beyond stoked for the show. Sixteen bands will be playing but I’m the most excited about The Ting Tings, Arctic Monkeys (amazing live), Garbage, Cake, and of course The Black Keys. I’ll be reviewing the show for GoodBammSho so check back early next week for a full report.

For  today’s song of the day I wanted an ode to the weekend so what better song  then “Weekend” by Brooklyn-based (of course) trio Class Actress. I love their album so much that I had to do a special two part Song of the Day with their equally amazing single, “Keep You”.

I love the styling of Indie music these days. The strong female presence and electronic elements blended together with delicious synthpop beats. It’s definitely making me more excited about music then I have been in a while.

Happy Listening!


Keep You:

Who are you jamming out to these days?

Song of the Day: Clams Casino “I’m God”

Happy Friday!!! I’m especially excited about this weekend. My little brother is turning 5 on Saturday so I get to spend my day eating pizza and playing games with a bunch of little rugrats at Chuck E Cheese. You think I’m being sarcastic but my inner child will definitely be coming out on Saturday.

Today’s song of the day is not new but it’s been on rotation all morning and I had to share it with you guys. I LOVE how New Jersey beat master Clams Casino, aka Mike Volpe, manipulates the female voice. The beats sampled with Imogen Heap’s vocals on this track is absolutely delicious.

The pronounced lover of hip-hop has worked with different artists ranging from Soulja Boy to Adele. I had to do a little digging to find the track and stumbled across a wide and interesting range of collaborations. He barely  has any music on iTunes (yes I still buy my music) but it’s worth doing some digging online to find his stuff.

Side note, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to make this  comparison, does Caroline Polachek from Chairlift not sound EXACTLY like Imogen Heap?

Happy Listening!

I’m God:

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