Song of the Day: Poolside “Slow Down”

The summer officially escaped me along with most of 2012. Heading into late September things have been moving at lightening speed. I’ve been so busy prepping for my opening gig with Monica next weekend (click HERE for tickets if you’ll be in the DFW area on September 29th) that I don’t even remember the last time I’ve cooked. So of course, I have massively failed to deliver new food posts to you guys. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will slow down a bit and I can spend some time in the kitchen.

In the meantime I think LA based duo Poolside, the self-proclaimed inventors of Daytime Disco, have delivered the perfect tune and mantra for us all to live by. Soak it in, replay a few times, then head back to your crazy lives! 🙂

Happy Listening!


Don’t move so fast

Slow down

Let this feeling last


It’s alright

The starlight will guide us through the night

Image Source: Pitchfork

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