Sarah Jaffe Enchants at Hometown Gig in Dallas [Review]

When most people were camped out on a patio filled with tortilla chips and margaritas, I was anxiously awaiting Denton singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffe to take the stage at the Granada Theater in Dallas. Personally, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend Cinco de Mayo then with the talented North Texas native.

Sarah brought two local artists along for the ride starting with electro pop group Zhora. Unfortunately I was finishing up my Cinco de Mayo celebration and didn’t make it out for the set but after listening to some tunes online, it sounds like it was a good show!

I did make it out to see John Singer Sergeant, aka John Dufilho, and must say my initial reaction was…confused. I’m not familiar with the Dallas born musician and was excited when the curtain raised to a full band, full sound, and what I was hoping to be a captivating live show. I did some minor research over my Mexican Martini earlier and read nothing but stellar reviews about Mr. Dufilho’s new musical escapade.

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Song of the Day: Sarah Jaffe “Glorified High”

TGIF everyone! Another Friday has arrived and another busy weekend ahead. I’m super stoked to see Sarah Jaffe’s headlining show at the Granada Theater tomorrow night. I’m a new fan of Sarah and have been listening to her second studio album, The Body Wins, nonstop since it’s release last week. I’ll be reviewing the show for GoodBAMMSho so look out for a full report early next week.

The Texas native’s calming vocals blend beautifully with haunting piano licks and perfectly placed orchestral melodies. Not to mention she’s a phenomenal songwriter. The Body Wins is simply, refreshing.

I’ve completely fallen in love with the female voice again with all of the fantastic vocalists on the scene lately. As a singer growing up around big voices it’s easy to get locked into the typical “pop” sound with soaring high notes and exaggerated vocal runs. Artist like Sarah Jaffe tap into the simplicity of the female voice, the beautify of those warm tones so many singers forget to tap into (myself included). I’m inspired!

Check out her current single Glorified High below and have a fantastic weekend!

Glorified High:

Photo Source: Music is Amazing
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