New Video, West Coast Dreams & Promising Opportunities!

I’m writing you from 37,856 feet on my way to the City of Angels for a fun week of gorgeous weather and networking opportunities. First things first, for the first time in years I’m actually enjoying my flight thanks to Virgin America. I’ve never flown the airline before and now I’m officially spoiled. If you get the chance, book a seat, the experience is better then any carrier I’ve ever flown on. Moving on….

Last week I posted a new video of my partner in crime, Josh Goode, and me covering ZZ Ward’s “Got it Bad”. Since she’s been a huge inspiration on the new material we decided to record another cover of her latest single, “Put the Gun Down”. So here you are, another YouTube video to tide you guys over until the new material is released. If you live in Dallas and want to check out the new music first come to the House of Blues on September 29th! I’ll be opening for Monica with Josh Goode and some other amazing musicians.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to LA and I couldn’t be more excited. Tonight Matt and I are kicking things off with a party hosted by Yahoo! featuring one of my favorite bands, Chairlift. I won’t be reviewing the show but I’ll definitely be documenting the night’s events. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to meet Caroline Polacheck…wishful thinking.

The rest of the week I have a few meetings with some new contacts and old friends. It’s amazing what the universe delivers to you once you stop holding back and put yourself out there. Never stop dreaming!


Photo Credit: Juan Guevara’s Flickr Stream
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