Foodie in France – Day 3: Beaune

Today we are leaving Paris and heading to the Burgundy wine country. I wish we had a full month in France so we could spend more time in Paris. It’s unlike any city I’ve ever been to. The culture, food, and vibe is unlike any other place in the world.

For breakfast we decided to grab a quick bite at the hotel.

The MenuThe Usual
– Baguette
– Cheese
– Scrambled Eggs
– Salami
– Coffee and Juice

The Biggest mistake we made was taking our sweet time at breakfast. We leisurely hopped on the metro, heading to the Paris Gare de Lyon station only to realize we had nine minutes to make our train. Everyone was telling us we wouldn’t make it but 9 minutes later and a full sprint while carrying 50 pound bags…we made the train. Thank you P90X- I can now see the benefits of our 90 days together!

Three hours later we arrived in the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. Beaune, in the Burgundy wine country, is quite possibly my own personal heaven on earth. The small city of 25,000 inhabitants is situated amongst one of the most illustrious wine producing areas of France.

Block after block you will find wine shop after wine shop with some pretty amazing Cafe’s sprinkled in to the mix. The city’s livelihood is wine…and a magical city it is.

We checked in to the most amazing hotel, the ABBAYE de Maizieres, and was greeted by the kindest owner, Bruno. His staff was amazing and his hotel was unbelievable. The building is a 12th century monastery where monks used to make wine. The room was clean, quaint, and quiet. We definitely had the best nights sleep of the trip thus far.

Once we checked in we quickly headed to Cave Reine Pedauque for an introduction to Burgundy wines and a fabulous tasting with Christoph. It was a perfect way to begin our stay in a new city.

The cellars were absolutely beautiful (I wish I had a better camera to showcase it) and the wine was delicious. Christoph explained the different regions in Burgundy and how the climate and location leads to some of the worlds best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

I have to say I am not a Chardonnay drinker. Most of the Chardonnay I’ve tried have been way too oaky and harsh for my liking. Burgundy Chardonnay is clean, crisp, fruity, and soft to the palet. I’ve definitely found a new love for the grape. We had a great time with Christoph tasting wine and exploring the ancient cellars beneath the city.

After the exquisite wine tasting and some exploration around town it was dinner time. Beaune is full of adorable shops and Cafe’s that are very English friendly. Our first stop of the night was Le Grand Cafe de Lyon. The weather was beautiful and we were in the mood for some traditional French Cuisine.

The Menu
– Escargot
– Rump Steak with Salad and Pommes Frites
– Beef Bourgogne with Tagliatelle
– Cappuccino
– Macaroons from Laduree

Dinner was absolutely delicious. My steak was slightly over cooked and not as seasoned as I’m used to, but the flavor of the beef was quite good and the Pommes Frites were delish! When we got back to the hotel we dove into our box of macaroons from Laduree. Their reputation speaks for itself…they were out of this world. The crispy outer layer filled with beautiful cream made for the perfect dessert to any meal. We bought a box of 15 so we’ll be able to enjoy the cookie wonders for most of the trip.

After just a few short hours I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this ancient city. Tomorrow we have a full day of dining and drinking wine. Now it’s time for some rest!

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