Foodie in France – Day 2: Paris


Today was a beautiful day in Paris. No air conditioning or fan to drown out the silence at night meant little sleep and a determined start to the day. We started the morning with breakfast at our hotel.

The Menu

  • An assortment of meats and cheese
  • Croissants & baguettes
  • Cereal
  • Yogurt
  • Scrambled eggs

I decided to stick with the bread, cheese and salami. It was just what I needed to get me through the morning exhaustion.

Today we had another full day of walking and sightseeing. The first stop was the Latin District. Immediately when we stepped off the metro I knew this would be one of my favorite parts of the trip.

The narrow Parisian streets were lined with tons of unique restaurants and shops. It was a bustling area full of so much energy and life.

To rest our feet we stopped at a side walk cafe next to the Sorbonne.

The people watching was superb as we watched the students gathering near the fountains, taking a break from their classes.

We continued walking for hours and soaking up all of the culture around us.

Paris is such a magical city and It’s definitely easy to get lost amongst all the beautiful architecture and adorable shops lining the streets.

One of the places we stumbled upon was the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens. It was a pretty gloomy afternoon but the clouds didn’t deter from the beauty of the ancient grounds.

After exploring the Latin district and the surrounding areas we hopped the metro to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

The tombs were beautiful works of art that dated back hundreds of years.

After walking the crumbled stone walkways in absolutely the wrong shoes we made it to the legendary Jim Morrison’s grave.

It was modest compared to most but you could definitely since a presence from the rock legend.

Amongst all the old stones his definitely stood out with the melted candles, carved tree with love from people all over the world, and long stem roses strewn across the stone. It was a beautiful and haunting place.


After a full day of exploring we headed to the Champs a l’elysee for a pre-dinner snack at Le Deauville and a macaroon purchase. We had our first bowl of French onion soup at a bustling side walk cafe while we watched street performers entertain the tourists.

After our soup and wine we headed to the fabulous Laduree to purchase a box of macaroons. We’re saving them for a late night snack!

After a quick stop at the hotel we headed to Le Malakoff for dinner. It was perfectly situated right in front of the Eiffel Tower so we could watch the glittering lights go off at 8 and 10pm. Dinner was fantastic!!

The Menu

  • Escargot
  • Buttery cod with steamed potatoes and au gratin tomatoes
  • Rump steak w/an amazing butter sauce with frites and green beans
  • Profiteroles with cappuccino

It was our first time to attempt Escargot and it was fantastic. I’ve always been so scared to try the French delicacy but not anymore. The earthy snails soaked in butter and herbs is the perfect starter to any dish. My cod was phenomenal. It was so buttery and flaky and the butter sauce served with it was perfect not just on the fish, but on the steamed potatoes as well. Matt’s steak was delicious and the profiteroles capped off a perfect day.

Weird siting of the day…tubs of soap!! Yes that’s right…not a dispenser, but a tub to dip your hands in.

Now it’s time for some rest. Tomorrow we’re off to the wine country…Beaune!!!

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  1. Just found these France posts! My husband and I also had a once in a lifetime France trip this summer! We started in Nice and ended in Paris. We love wine and food too and themed our route around it. I’m pretty certain we also ate at Le Malakoff! This is a great read. Thanks for posting!

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