Foodie in France – Day 1: Paris


Our trip has finally begun! For the last three years Matt and I have been planning a dream trip to Europe. Unfortunately we only have two weeks so we decided to limit our travel time and stay in one country. We’ve both spent some significant time in Italy in the past so France it is!! What more could a foodie ask for then a country known for its decadent wine and impeccable cuisine. Let the drinking and feasting begin!

The itinerary:
• Paris
• Beaune – Burgundy Wine Country
• Lyon
• Nice

Our adventure started with an overnight flight direct to Paris. I have to give a shout-out to American Airlines. I haven’t been very pleased lately with the level of service on flights these days and the evening started with our flight being delayed almost two hours. Not only was the food good on the flight, but due to the inconvenience drinks were free the entire flight!! A few glasses of wine and some surprisingly delicious food later…it was time for a movie and an attempt at some sleep.

In-Flight Menu
• Free drinks & complimentary snacks
• Salad with a vinaigrette dressing
• Cheese and crackers
• Bread
• Cheese Raviolli topped with prosciutto
• Brownie

• Raspberry yogurt
• Croissant
• Orange Juice

Not bad for airplane food. The food was actually quite good and just what I needed to get some energy for the long trip ahead.

Eleven hours later we arrived!!! Incredibly jet lagged we checked into our adorable hotel near the Eiffel Tower, Hotel Garden Élysées. We were determined to fight through the exhaustion and make a full day of it. First things first…the Eiffel Tower.

In all it’s towering grander the Eiffel Tower is always an amazing site to see. It’s been 6 years since I was last in Paris and I feel like I was seeing it for the first time. Not only is it great people watching on the lawn, but it’s also the perfect spot to enjoy a Parisian classic, Frites & Mayonnaise. There’s something about the warm saltiness from the Frites mixed with the cool mayonnaise that makes me immediately happy to be eating something as traditional as French Fries.

Equipped with our first snack of the day we grabbed a cold Heineken and soaked up the gorgeous weather on the lawn. The day flew by and we got in a ton of sightseeing. From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe it was good to be back in Paris.

To finish off the evening we had a delicious dinner by the Siene at Chez Francis. The smoked salmon with creamy dill sauce came highly recommended by my mother and it did not disappoint. The salmon was as fresh as it comes and the cool dill spread slathered on top of a crisp piece of toast was filling and satisfying. Accompanying the salmon Matt and I split the seafood crab linguini. It was absolutely decadent. The crab tasted like it was pulled from the ocean that day and the seafood red sauce had the perfect amount of creaminess. The only thing that could possibly complete the meal was a bourbon creme brûlée and deaux cappuccinos. The dessert was just how I knew a creme brûlée would taste in France…to die for!

Tomorrow is our last day in Paris before we head to the wine country. I foresee quite a bit of eating and walking in my future.

Weird find of the day…no shower curtains!! I guess water getting all over the floor isn’t a big deal in France. That’s why we have towels right?

What are your favorite places to eat in Paris? Tell me in the comments below.

Bon Soir!!


4 responses

  1. Wonderful Sarah! I could visualize the scenes as you described them and could only think of the amazing thrill I had when I first saw the Eiffel Tower light up like a sparkler! So, favorite places to eat…hummm? I would recommend Cafe Flora at Saint-Germain des Pres in the 6th arrondissement of Paris – wonderful area, great food and wait staff, and the people watching is great, not to mention the live entertainment by this little old french accordion player. Have fun and thanks for the updates!

  2. Hi Sarah! I’m planning a trip to Paris/Beaune/and the south of France in May with friends! As a former exchange student, I wanted to respond to your comment about the lack of a shower curtain. In France, they rarely take stand-up showers like we do here in the US. Instead, you sit in the tub and use the removeable shower nozzle to bathe. Love reading about your trip!

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