Quick & Easy Snacking – American Idol Top 24

Phew it’s been a crazy few months. I have SERIOUSLY neglected my foodie duties and haven’t had a proper food post in way too long. Amidst all the madness a fellow blogger has brought me back to some very solid roots and got me cooking again!

Yahoo’s super fabulous Lyndsey Parker of Reality Rocks was kind enough to give me some props after my way too short lived Idol run (damn I wanted a taste of that Idol mansion)! 😉

Her new series Snackin’ with Sarah Sellers delivers a new snack idea before each live Idol show from now until the season finale in May. So, what this means is I’ve had to get my little tush in gear and start creating some fun filled recipes for your reality snacking pleasure.

I’ve successfully (meaning I’ve gained about 5 pounds) experimented and come up with some quick and easy snack ideas for your Idol watch parties…or just for your own culinary enjoyment. The first three recipes are improvements on some old posts, but keep looking out each week for some fun new ideas (next weeks’ recipes are going to be killer).

So take a look at what Snackin’ with Sarah Sellers came up with this week, and check out Reality Rocks next Wednesday for my next recipe creation.

Send me some ideas…I have a lot of recipes to come up with!!!

Savory Southwest Guacamole

Click on the link above to check out one of my original Tex-Mex posts and what has become a staple in my kitchen!!!

Rotisserie Chicken Salad

One of the most simple and my favorite recipe I could possible share. You have to try it…it’s simply that easy and delicious!

Spicy Tomato Salsa

Another staple in the Sellers’ household…a giant container of homemade salsa. Be prepared…it’s fiery hot…and delicious!!

Adele has recently dropped the most ear pleasing record I’ve heard in quite a minute. Adele’s debut album 19 was fantastic in it’s own right, and her sophomore release, 21, definitely lives up to the hype. So, since we’re talking American Idol, I thought I would post my homage to the fabulous Adele along with another favorite from her new album. Happy listening!

Adele – Rumour Has It

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