American Idol Interview with Idol Phenomena

Hey everyone! I thought I would give you a glimpse into what’s been keeping me busy over the last month or so. Check out a recent interview I did with  Idol Phenomena.

Hey there IdolPhenomena followers I recently had the opportunity to ask IdolContestant: Sarah Sellers some questions about her Idol journey. Here is is what she had to say.

IP: Could you describe what the audition process was like for you?

SS: This was actually my fifth time auditioning for American Idol, so the experience was familiar yet completely different at the same time. This was my first time to making it to Hollywood and the entire process was a complete blast.

Every year I’ve learned something different that I was able to take with me to the next audition. When you’re in that stadium with thousands of people a million things run through your mind, “could this be the year, or could this be the end of the road”? Since it was my last year to audition I was that much more determined to show the judges what I could do.

The long hours were so worth it and making it to Hollywood was a dream come true in its self. The vibe was amazing there and to be surrounded by so much talent just fuels you in so many ways. Overall it was a really great experience.

Check out the rest of the interview here!

Check back soon for my interview with the fabulous Michael Slezak from

In the meantime check out my recent cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Save Me”.

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  1. Sarah, I just watched you on Michael Slezak’s interview. I am an Idol loon and he is my favorite Idol re-capper. (Is that a word?) I am so happy to find your blog — food and music — my two FAVORITE things!
    Your talent is amazing. Wish you were going to be on Idol this season, but I will enjoy following you in your blog. 🙂

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