Casa Milagro [Restaurant]

Richardson is making me very very happy with the great Mexican food joints I keep discovering. First it was Holy Frijoles (the best queso in town), and now it’s Casa Milagro!!

Created from the family gene pool of the M Crowd Restaurant group…thank you Taco Diner and Mi Cocina…Casa Milagro has great chips, salsa (spicy – a must), ritas, and fajitas. All of the components that are required for me to return to a tex-mex restaurante. So check it out, it’s delicious and quaint. I only have one request…try the queso and let me know how it is. The 2011 diet has begun. 😦

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  1. the queso is awesome. milagro is my fave restaurant in town. the margaritas are awesome and you cannot beat the service!

  2. I’ve eaten at Casa Milago a number of times and they have great food. I am originally from El Paso, where the the Mexican food is second to none and Casa Milagro stands up well. Their cheese chile relleno with Ranchera sauce is the best. I just saw you sing on Idol and you sounded great. Good luck in the next round….

    • I love love Paris and your blog!!! I’m looking to be back in France in a few months. Maybe I could sample some delicious Chicken Tikka Tacos?!?! 🙂 They sound right up my alley!

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