Discounted Lobster…in Dallas?

Yes, that’s right, I have stumbled upon a place in Dallas that has wholesale live lobster. Or should I say, my husband’s love for lobster sniffed it out. I will admit that cheap seafood isn’t something that usually makes me jump for joy, but last night I was pleasantly surprised.

Matt discovered Lobster Harvest through a family friend and we decided to quench our fall lobster craving with some lobster rolls. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics of the mania that went down in  my kitchen. It’s kind of hard to bust out a camera when you’re finding out the hard way how to crack open a full live lobster.

I’ll spare you guys all the gruesome details but here are a few tips from my experience:

Sarah’s Live Lobster Tips

  • Tip 1: Look for a wholesale lobster outlet in your area – because $25 for 5 pds of lobster can’t be beat
  • Tip 2: Make sure the lobster smells fresh – strong, fishy smelling seafood is not tasty seafood
  • Tip 3: If your steaming 2 lobsters at the same time – cook for at least 10 minutes (7 minutes wasn’t quite enough & the tail meat was uncooked). They will be bright red!
  • Tip 4: If you decide to put your steamed lobster in an ice bath to stop the process (yes I know…rookie’s mistake) be prepared for a VERY messy cracking session
  • Tip 5: If you go with tip 4, keep a roll of Bounty handy and a mop handy (details stop here)
  • Tip 6: Clean the lobster under cold running water
  • Tip 7: Special cracking tools are not necessary (unless you already have them…then by all means, use them). A pair of sharp kitchen shears and the most trusted tools in the kitchen, your hands, will do the trick
  • Tip 8: I find that frozen lobster is not the freshest you can buy (DUH) so mixing the meat in different ingredients (hence the lobster roll recipe) helps push the flavor over the edge
  • Tip 9: Have fun with it!!!

What are your lobster tips??? Recipes please!! 🙂

Rihanna is one of my favorite pop artists out right now. Her fifth studio album, Loud, is quite different then the dark and pain stricken “Rated R”. All of the songs on Loud are great but “Man Down” is one of my favorites. It really brings out her Caribbean roots. Check it out!

Rihanna – Man Down

The above picture comes courtesy of Peninsula Foodnews.

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  1. Great post. There is nothing better than making a great recipe, especially when you can make your favorite restaurant menu items at home. With the right copycat restaurant recipes you can get the tastes you love most from dining out right at home. Awesome!

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