My Favorite Spot for Sunday Brunch

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week for two main reasons, sleeping in and late morning brunch. I usually make it at home but lately Matt and I have been on a mission to find the best brunch in Dallas. Ok, so we only tried out two restaurants, but I’ve tried many breakfast places in the past and I feel very confident in my new found favorite.

A few weeks back we were eating at one of our favorite Mexican spots, Cyclone Anaya’s, when we saw their advertisement for Sunday brunch (their Lobster Enchiladas are AMAZING by the way). A few Sundays later we were back again. We ordered the bottomless mimosas ( around 12 bucks a person if I’m remembering correctly) the Crabmeat Omelet, and their amazing queso.  With all of the chips we usually eat we decided to split the omelet and save room for more mimosas.

The bottomless mimosas were fantastic. The waiter kept our glasses full and after two hours we definitely got our moneys worth. The chips and salsa, like always, were delicious and and the queso was gone very quickly. The Crabmeat Omelet on the other hand, left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, you could tell the crabmeat they used wasn’t very fresh and the color and texture screamed canned to me. I expected more in quality considering their lobster enchiladas are top notch. Overall, I love Cyclone Anaya’s and I will have to try something else off of their brunch menu sometime. The best thing by far on their brunch menu are the mimosas. You quickly get your moneys worth and they are very very tasty.

The next Sunday we invited some friends along and made our way to Blue Mesa Grill. We sat at a very comfortable table in the bar with our very own mini-tv, the Cowboys were playing, and ordered our first round of mimosas. Right away I knew I was in heaven. Not only was there unlimited mimosas, but an unlimited Mexican food buffet as well, all for $16.95 a person. Blue Mesa also has the BEST queso blanco (worth the extra 4 dollars or so)…it was gone before we started our first round at the buffet.

The mimosas were good, not quite as good as Cyclone’s, but the food was exceptionally better. The buffet was very eclectic, with everything from 2-3 different kinds of migas and fajitas, to penne pasta with broccoli. Oh and did I mention the dessert bar looked amazing. I didn’t get that far since I would much rather stuff myself full of enchiladas and fajitas then sugary sweets.

So if you haven’t guessed by now the winner is Blue Mesa Grill. You can’t beat all you can eat and drink for $16.95 a person. If you’re in the mood to just drink then I would suggest going to Cyclone, order something small to split and just enjoy the mimosas. But if you’re anything like me brunch is what I’m there for, the food…the great drinks just make it even better.

Cheers to Sunday Fun day!

Jay Z and Alicia Keys are two of my favorite artists, and NYC is my favorite city. So what better song to choose then Empire State of Mind. I’ve listened to this song twice today and just can’t get enough. Listen, drink a mimosa, and call some friends to plan your next brunch outing!

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