New Video! “Got it Bad” – ZZ Ward Cover by Sarah Sellers & Josh Goode

Over the last few months I’ve been working with Josh Goode from Goode Vibes Music on some original tunes and I am sooo excited to start recording the stuff we’ve written. Tonight we met for our normal writing session and ended up talking about our biggest musical inspirations and who has inspired me the most over the last few months. ZZ Ward has heavily influenced the new material and it seemed only fitting to cover one of my favorite tracks off her mixtape, Eleven Roses! So here it is, about 7 months overdue, a new YouTube cover!

We did one take to capture the rawness that you only get without over rehearsing and over analyzing the song…which can be hard for me to do!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


New Music Obsession – ZZ Ward

I tried to wait until Friday for my Song of the Day but I just can’t contain myself. I love discovering new music…best of all GOOD new music. So for this new finding I have to give 100% credit to my mom. Things have been so crazy lately and my emails have been piling up. While doing a routine clean-up I saw an email from her. She’s been wanting me to cover John Legend’s Ordinary People for a while and saw a cover of ZZ Ward covering the tune for Grammy.Com. Well, needless to say, one click-through from an email has severely affected me musically.

This girl is so sick. How do I describe her….blues? Soul? R&B? Hip Hop? All of the above? Yes! I immediately downloaded her Mixtape “Eleven Roses” and I’m officially blown away. Lucky for me her EP released a few days later so I’ve got 13 ZZ Ward items to put on full rotation on my iPod.

So please, do yourself a favor. LIStEn! DOwnLoaD!!!! Be AMAZED!!! This chick is the effing bomb! Look out for Friday because I’m going to blow her up on Song of the Day!! 😉

Got it Bad:

Photo credit: The Boom Box
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