New Music Obsession – ZZ Ward

I tried to wait until Friday for my Song of the Day but I just can’t contain myself. I love discovering new music…best of all GOOD new music. So for this new finding I have to give 100% credit to my mom. Things have been so crazy lately and my emails have been piling up. While doing a routine clean-up I saw an email from her. She’s been wanting me to cover John Legend’s Ordinary People for a while and saw a cover of ZZ Ward covering the tune for Grammy.Com. Well, needless to say, one click-through from an email has severely affected me musically.

This girl is so sick. How do I describe her….blues? Soul? R&B? Hip Hop? All of the above? Yes! I immediately downloaded her Mixtape “Eleven Roses” and I’m officially blown away. Lucky for me her EP released a few days later so I’ve got 13 ZZ Ward items to put on full rotation on my iPod.

So please, do yourself a favor. LIStEn! DOwnLoaD!!!! Be AMAZED!!! This chick is the effing bomb! Look out for Friday because I’m going to blow her up on Song of the Day!! 😉

Got it Bad:

Photo credit: The Boom Box
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