Snackin’ with Sarah Sellers: Taco Packets with Avocado Cream

Tonight is the last performance in Vegas on American Idol before the remaining contestants find out if they make it to the big stage or not. I’ve got some serious catching up to do on Idol. I’ve been too busy coming up with delicious snacks for Lyndsay Parker’s Yahoo! blog, Reality Rocks.

I’m not really sure what got in to me with this one but I must say…it’s freakin delicious. It’s too small for a burrito, too big for Flautas but just right to pop in the oven and call them taco packets. It has all the elements of a crispy taco, just stuffed in a tortilla and served with some creamy goodness on the side.

Try them…eat them all…they’re that tasty! 🙂

Check out my feature on Reality Rocks HERE!

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Rotisserie Chicken Tostadas with Black Bean Corn Salsa

Tostadas are perfect for weeknight meals because of their versatility and the ease of minimal cooking. They’re quick, easy, and delicious. Rotisserie chicken is great for Tostadas. It’s one less thing you have to cook and the roasted flavor of the chicken pares perfectly with the crispy shells and spicy toppings.

Start with the black bean corn salsa.

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Quick & Easy Snacking – American Idol Top 9

Last week’s American Idol results show delivered one of the most shocking eliminations in Idol history. One of the three remaining females in the competition, and probably one of the most vocally talented contestants was sent packing. Pia Toscano strayed from her usual power-packed ballads for an upbeat classic, “River Deep, Mountain High.” America apparently didn’t like the change up and cut Pia’s Idol run extremely short. With two ladies left in the competition it’s not looking good for a female winner this year.

With a Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame theme and tons of talent packed in to Wednesday night’s performance round, I decided to pay homage to two great bands. These recipes are a little more detailed then a quick and easy snack, but are well worth the extra effort.

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