2011 – A Few of My Favorite Things

When I was little time moved with me. If I wanted the day to go by fast it went by fast and if I wanted it to last for eternity it kindly obliged. But the older I get the more time is working against me. Always testing my patience, testing my ability to find myself in a sea of constant change, and forcing me to balance the dreams of a young girl with the responsibilities of a young adult. So as time no longer gives me the tender care it once did as a child I’m learning to race with it and find a place for myself amongst the crazy world that surrounds me.

Here’s to you 2011 for being one of the best years of my life. By feeding my dreams and testing me as a person I’ve learned so much…and it’s only just begun.

Happy New Year!!!

2011 Memories

American Idol

The first time I auditioned for American Idol was Season 2. I was young and convinced I would make it far. Coming off of a dropped deal in Nashville and not even making it past the first round I put my music on hold to finish college. Six years later and with a completely new understanding of my passion for music I tried out again. This time for season 8. Three years later (now season 10) and four auditions across four different cities I finally made it to Hollywood!

Idol was an experience beyond belief and it taught me to fight for what you want no matter what obstacles might come your way. So farewell to Idol and hello to different music opportunities in 2012!

Guest blogging for Yahoo!

After my New Orleans audition aired Yahoo! music blogger Lyndsey Parker posted some incredibly supportive comments about my audition. I knew I was already cut but I wasn’t at liberty to talk about the outcome. So I sent a quick thank you via Twitter to Lyndsey for her comments. She knew I was a fellow blogger and loved to cook so she sent me a message (after my elimination aired) asking if I would contribute to her weekly Idol blog with my own original recipes. Of course I obliged and took on the task of learning how to cook without using recipes. Most everything turned out delicious and I had a blast doing it.

Apparently Lyndsey didn’t find any of my recipes to atrocious because she asked me to come back this season as a guest blogger! So look for Snackin’ with Sarah Sellers to premier January 18th on Reality Rocks!

Portland, Oregon

Some of our very best friends live in Portland. I’ve never seen the Northwest so it was a perfect opportunity to travel to a new place and spend some time with friends. I immediately fell in love!

Mount Noma Falls was unbelievable. It was a warm day in the sun but once you climbed higher up into the mountain the river and cool air was absolutely breathtaking.

The Rose Garden was gorgeous!! I spent about 3 hours taking pictures of every beautiful flower on display!

And of course…there was food!

And topping off the trip – the amazing waffle truck!!

Galveston with the family

I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Galveston, TX but a summer family trip quickly changed my mind. Beaches in Texas might not be as fabulous as the Caribbean but you can definitely have one hell of a good time!

Roadie for a Day on the Monster Ball Tour & Meeting Lady Gaga

One of my childhood friends has a significant other that has battled cancer for most of his life. He was incredibly brave and decided to have his leg amputated to remove the cancer. In his honor a donation was made to one of Lady Gaga’s charities and in return they were offered the chance to be roadies for a day and meet Lady Gaga. When they were given two extra tickets they ask my mother and I to go with them. I am a MASSIVE fan of Lady Gaga and I can’t even begin to describe the experience.

Learning what it means to be a roadie from Lady Gaga’s road manager.

The calm before the storm – the American Airlines center during sound check.

On stage during sound check. Her background singers and musicians are amazing!

Gaga’s microphones!

Where all the magic happens – the soundboard!!

To see the ins and outs of her amazing tour was mind boggling. So much work is put into the show for her fans, and of course how did I thank her but spill white wine all over her when I gave her a hug goodbye. FAIL! It’s a good memory though…right?

Lady Gaga was more genuine then I could ever imagine. She was kind, open, and even after she just gave the most amazing performance for thousands of people she gave us her full time and attention for a private meet and greet. And of course after I spilled wine on her she shrugged it off and gave me a huge hug. Phew!!

Successfully running my first 5k

I’ve never been the most athletic person so it was an amazing feeling to run my first 5k nonstop! Now I’m really getting in to running and will start training for a half marathon next week!


If you followed by “Foodie in France” posts you followed along with me through our two week European journey in October. It was a trip of a lifetime and I miss France everyday. Definitely check out my Europe posts for all of the amazing places we visited along the way!

My Favorite Things of 2011

Favorite New Restaurant: Holy Frijoles: Best Queso in Dallas

Favorite Album: Beyonce 4 – on repeat NON STOP!

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – the end of an era!!

Favorite TV Show(s): I can’t choose one show so here are some of my favs

  • Dexter
  • Fringe
  • True Blood
  • Boardwalk Empire

Favorite Place: Beaune, France – if you love wine you must go!!

**Travel Tip: Matt and I love to travel but it can get expensive. I opened up a travel savings account that I put a little bit of money into every week. Over time it accrues and is so helpful when you want to travel. It’s easy and it can save you from having to use your credit card the entire vacation!

Favorite Technology: Pinterest & Tumblr!

Cheers to an amazing year! What were your most memorable moments of 2011?

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