Summer Lake Memories

It’s still pretty damn hot outside…but apparently it’s the end of summer! We haven’t seen a day over 100 in a few weeks but 95 is still a bit too warm for my liking. While I’m still holding out for that crisp fall weather I thought I would reminisce on my favorite lake moments!

Oh, and it might be time to step up and buy a new camera…mine now has a lovely gray smudge beneath the lens! Perfect excuse for an upgrade!!

This is my absolute favorite time at the lake…sunset! The breeze off the water and the amazing colors make for a perfect summer night!

Another sunset shot!

I’m always amazed how the colors at the lake always seem so much more vibrant! I never want to put my camera down!

Just like the colors…the clouds always seem so much bigger and with much more character.

My dog Max eagerly awaiting my husband’s return from the jet ski…he’s obsessed!

I love this shot of Max and how free he looks!

I love this shot of my mom on the boat!

It definitely wouldn’t be the lake without the 4-wheeler! Too much fun on this thing!

The great thing about getting out of Dallas for 4th of July is the ability to pop your own fireworks…or watch my brother-in-law pop them!!

Here are a few fall shots to get us ready for the season change!!! I seriously can’t wait.

There is no other place that Mitsy loves more!

So here’s to the end of summer and many more fun times to come!

Interpol just released their 4th self-titled studio album. Check out their first single “Lights”. Love!

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