Top 5 Must Haves for a Snowy Day

It snowed in Dallas yesterday, and I’m not talking about the normal snow (a few flakes and no stickage), it was REALLY coming down. Living in the south we don’t experience cold temperatures like our friends in the North, and we definitely do not see snow like this. It is so beautiful and all it makes me want to do is curl up on the couch, turn on a good flick, and eat!

Nothing says winter to me like comfort food (or beverages). There are just certain types of foods that you don’t eat as much in the summertime, especially when it tops out at 100 degrees on a cool day. Here are a few of my favorite wintery treats.

Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Coffee is something I must have everyday, all year round, but I love the winter specials at Starbucks! My current drink is a Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte…and it’s only 90 calories! I was sad to see the Pumpkin and Creme Brule Latte’s go, but there are plenty more delicious flavors to tide me over till next season.

My absolute favorite winter drink is hot chocolate, and nothing says “childhood” to me better than Swiss Miss. I don’t drink hot chocolate in the summer months so I love to savor a delicious and chocolaty cup when it’s cold outside!


I still eat soup during the spring and summer months, but not nearly as frequently as I do in the winter time. I love everything about soup. It’s comforting, hardy, and I love how it gets better and better the longer it sits! Here are just a few of my favorite soups. Click on the links to see my favorite recipes or restaurant for each.

Clam Chowder I don’t have a lot of experience making chowder. The last recipe I tried was decent, but way too clammy. I’m giving it another try on Matt’s B-Day next month so check back for the results!!

Lobster BisqueWhat’s better than a creamy soup with Lobster?!?! Enough said 🙂

Tomato BasilThe best thing about Tomato Basil soup is that it’s just as good with fattening cream as it is with almost zero fat. Check out my favorite low fat recipe. I could eat the entire pot!

Chicken NoodleThe best chicken noodle soup is definitely what mom makes, but you also can’t beat a simple can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup! Nothing makes you feel more at home when your sick, or just want a hot meal on a cold day.

ChiliI had to save the best for last! What’s better than meat, chilis, and tomatoes in a bowl…and I love how many different ways you can make chili. The tastiness is endless!


I love love love casseroles. Their easy, fattening, stuffed full of flavor, and you can make so many different kinds! The ultimate comfort food!

SquashMy favorite! Click on the link to see my blog post solely dedicated to my favorite Holiday food.

Potato & Broccoli – More family staples at Thanksgiving and Christmas! My next project is to gather all of the ingredients from the women in my family so I can share these amazing recipes!

Tuna Noodle – I don’t have a particular recipe that I use for this one on a regular basis, but the latest one I tried was pretty tasty!


I definitely eat Italian food year round but it usually involves lighter sauces and smaller portions.

LasagnaCOMFORT!!! The first time I made lasagna I painfully realized how time consuming it is (I think we ate at midnight). Now that I’ve found a recipe I love it’s gone from being a chore to a relaxing and enjoyable experience. My favorite place to eat Lasagna, click on the link, inspired me to find a recipe to make at home and it gets better every time! 

Fettucini Alfredo – my father, hands down, makes the best Fettucini Alfredo! It’s so much fun to watch him make it and put ALL of that amazing cream into the sauce. Again, another task for me is to get the recipe from him and compile a family cookbook!!

Chicken ParmesanYou cannot go wrong with this Italian staple. Anything breaded and covered with cheese is alright by me!

Warm Pie & Cobbler

Pecan, Pumpkin, Peach Cobbler

I can’t even pick my favorite recipes for each of these amazing desserts!!! Oddly enough I just tasted my first pecan pie a few years back and I couldn’t believe what I had been missing all of these years! Pumpkin, peaches, and ice cream don’t even need an explanation! Pure heaven!!

Radiohead is my favorite band of all time. Their musical genius is beyond any band that I’ve ever been exposed to. I remember like it was yesterday the day I listened to them for the first time. I was in middle school and was the top sellers for our school’s fundraiser. My prize was a “Barber Shop Mix” CD with the unedited version of Creep on it. Up to that point my musical exposure was Whitney Houston and Gospel music. Needless to say (I still love Whitney and Gospel!!) they changed me! Their music transports me to another planet and seeing them live is unlike any musical experience I have ever had. Oh and my husband and I got engaged on our trip to LA to see Radiohead! 🙂 What better band to listen to anytime, but especially on days like today.

I would like to credit the beautiful picture above to Flickr’s Sonja57’s photostream. Check out the photostream here:

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  1. you make me hungry, in fact I might venture out to get stuff to make squash casserole! Thanks for the inspiration and for the music reference, love the song by Radiohead – perfect for this wintery, snowy day!

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