Real Foods of India Pt. 4

You are checking out Part 4 of the Real Foods of India cooking series.

Indian cuisine has opened my eyes to a different world of flavor. Whether you’re cooking for meat lovers or vegetarians, Northern or Southern Indians, there is a cuisine for everyone.

Throughout the 4 part series I’ve focused on recipes I learned while attending the Real Foods of India cooking class at the Milestone Culinary Arts Center. Minal Jhaveri, from Gourmet Journey, was a wonderful host and taught us some amazing vegetarian dishes. The great thing about these dishes is the versatility. You can use the base of the recipes to get you started, but feel free to sub out the different ingredients for more of your favorites. Check out the tips for each dish to help you along the way.

Last week I covered Saag Paneer and Saffron & Nuts Pulav and now I’m down to the final two dishes. These are the ultimate in Indian comfort food; flavorful, hearty, and absolutely delicious. So give these recipes a try and feel free to tell me your favorite Indian meals! Continue reading

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