Real Foods of India: Pt.1

Due to all of the fabulous recipes and great information I’d like to share I’ve made this into a four part series. So, here’s Part 1 of Real Foods of India. Check back soon for more great recipes and tips.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the “Real Foods of India” cooking class at the Milestone Culinary Arts Center in Dallas, led by Minal Jhaveri from Gourmet Journey. Not only was it an educational evening, but it was every bit a piece of heaven to my taste buds.

Working for an Indian owned company has definitely broadened my horizons when it comes to different types of food. Needless to say, I have fallen madly in love with Indian food and was really excited to delve in to the culture’s many different tastes and techniques.

There were 8 dishes prepared and each one had its own do’s and dont’s that could make or break the dish. Lets start off the first series with two amazing recipes to get an Indian themed culinary evening started off right! Continue reading

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