Fall, football, and tons of delicious food!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Especially living in Texas, it’s so nice when the cool weather starts to give you a break from the heat. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, Fall is the time for parties, friends, family, and FOOD! To kick off this festive time of year, football definitely gets the party started.

I love football food! Chips, dips, hamburgers, and hotdogs are just a few things that make Saturday afternoons a joy. This past weekend was a pretty big game for all of us Okies and Texans. The Red River Shootout (OU vs. TX to be exact) didn’t turn out the way my household wanted it to, but we still had tons of food and fun.

My husband was in charge of the grill and I was in charge of the dips. Give our creations a try at your next football party! They are DELISH! Continue reading

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