Song of the Day: Tori Kelly “All in My Head”

Happy Halloween weekend everyone! Any big plans, awesome costume ideas?? Matt and I are headed to a party tonight and coordinating for the first time. I’ll post some pics later. 🙂

I am truly a lover of music. Whether it’s Indie, Blues, R&B or Pop, there’s always something I can find in each genre, especially pop music. I found out about Tori Kelly when I auditioned for American Idol in Season 9. We both auditioned in Denver but unfortunately…I didn’t get to meet her. After seeing her on the show I was instantly hooked and have been a huge fan ever since. The most compelling thing about Tori is the girl has been everywhere. From America’s Most Talented Kids, to American Idol, to a record deal at 12 years old with Geffen Records that was later dropped, she hasn’t stopped.

After she was cut from Idol at the end of Hollywood week she started to make a huge splash on YouTube covering popular songs and showcasing her amazing writing skills with her A Capella videos. She wrote, self produced and recorded her debut EP, Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly, minus the backing of a huge label. With major shout outs from Ryan Seacrest and Scooter Braun she is performing all over the country and building a fan base 100% as an independent artist. Oh and did I mention her voice is totally sick.

I streamed her show at the Roxy this week and was, again, completely captivated by her talent and adorable charm. It’s inspiring to see artists push for their dreams no matter how many times they’ve been told no and as an aspiring singer/songwriter myself, it’s motivating! So check out my favorite tune off her EP, All in My Head, and watch the video below for an incredible acoustic version of the song.

Happy Listening!

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