Don’t Make Excuses for Who You Are! Own Your Shine!!

I came across this blog post today from a follower on Twitter and it spoke to me so much that I had to share. I have always fought a level of insecurity my whole life when it came to my dreams, my looks, my craziness, my loudness…I could go on and on. I always get asked, “when are you going to stop going after your dreams and focus on your career”…”when is enough enough”….”ummmm that’s really hard to accomplish”…”what are you doing all of this for”.

For years I bought into all of this and really held myself back. Scared, insecure, and afraid to completely be myself and give-in to my dreams. I’m not 100% there yet, but I feel more complete then I ever have. After I started really going after my dreams doors started to open and a friend of mine said the truest statement I’ve ever heard,

“When you start doing what you’re suppose to do, the universe will align and things will start to happen in your favor”….or something like that. 😉

Don’t suppress who you are because you’re afraid people may not approve. Be you, do what you love and don’t let anyone take away your shine. No-one deserves that kind of power.

Thank you to all of my amazing followers, fans, readers and people in my life that truly get and support me. You make all of this hard work worthwhile!

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