Foodie in France – Day 10: Nice

Our last few days in Nice were non-stop so there was very little time in the hotel room to blog our final days. We made it back to Dallas and of course it’s been go go go ever since. I definitely can’t leave you hanging on what happened the final days of our trip so here is a recap of day 10 in Nice!

When we arrived in Nice yesterday it was quite dreary outside resulting in a pretty raining night. This morning was no different. We woke up to rainy skies and a damp outlook for the rest of the day. There was 90% rain in the forecast for the remainder of the afternoon which meant our all day Hop on Hop Off Pass might not be as picturesque as I wanted.

Last night we stayed up super late as usual so unfortunately we missed the breakfast buffet. Since it was windy and rainy outside we opted to stay in and order room service. Even with the bad weather the ocean view was spectacular and the breeze from our opened balcony door was cool and refreshing.

The Menu – Breakfast
  • Juice and Coffee
  • Assortment of Breads
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Sausage

I’m sure the fact that I’m eating breakfast in a beautiful hotel, in France, while overlooking the French Riviera has something to do with the fact that the scrambled eggs were some of the best I’ve ever had!! They were creamy, cheesy and delicious…exactly how I like them. The sausage was equally tasty. So after a lazy morning and yummy breakfast we were ready to face the wind and rain and explore the city.

We purchased a few umbrellas from a local shop and checked out all of the amazing stores in the “new city” part of town. Block after block were shops mixed with Brasserie’s for afternoon cappuccino breaks (which we definitely partook in). The new town area is known for luxury shopping with stores like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Dior.

Old Town is known more for the quaint antique shops and eclectic boutiques that fill the ancient cobble stoned streets.


Today was suppose to be the day we take our double decker bus ride and snap pictures of the city’s most famous land marks. We decided to go ahead with the tour to get out of the rain for an hour or so. We got to see most of the city and some incredible views of the harbor and world famous museums. I was definitely sick at my stomach that I wasn’t able to get out and take pictures. So I visually soaked in as much culture as I could.

Once we were finished with the tour we were in desperate need for a drink and a snack. Our hotel, Le Meridien, had beautiful ocean views from the bar so it made for a perfect spot to dry off and rest our feet. Not in my usual fashion I forgoed the wine and opted for a Grey Goose dirty martini. It was the best dirty martini I’ve ever had. Smooth and strong with the perfect amount of olive juice. It was delish!


To compliment the drinks they served a side of olives and peanuts. As simple as it sounds, there’s something special about the olives in France. Their delicious marinade leant a sweet touch to what can sometimes be a pretty bitter snack.


Our appetizer was absolutely impeccable. Goat cheese drizzled in olive oil served with spicy arugula, honey, and marinated tomatoes served with toasted bread. AMAZING!!!! After our drink and appetizer we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner.

We ventured to Old Town for dinner. The ancient narrow streets lined with shops, bakeries, and restaurants were packed with tourists and locals enjoying the rain free evening. We stopped at an adorable cafe with an outside tent illuminated with candles, heat lamps and abstract center pieces adding that extra touch of elegance.


The Menu
  • Bacon wrapped scallops with a side of pico and quinoa
  • Creamy thyme infused risotto with fresh lobster
  • Creme Brulee sampler

Dinner was absolutely amazing. Matt’s bacon wrapped scallops were cooked to perfection and my first time trying quinoa was a delicious experience. The winner was definitely my Lobster risotto. Hands down the best I’ve ever had. The fresh lobster served on top of creamy thyme (my favorite herb) infused risotto complimented each other beautifully. Nothing else could have topped off such a wonderful night better then a creme brûlée sampler. It was four different flavors of Creme brûlée served in miniature glasses, topped with fruit and mint. Tonight’s dinner was one of the best we’ve had this entire trip. Our rainy day turned into a beautiful evening with a great dining atmosphere and incredible food.

After an amazing meal we took the long way back to the hotel by the ocean and soaked in the cool evening breeze. Tomorrow we’re headed to one of the most opulent places near France…Monaco! I’ve heard great things about this beautiful country and I can’t wait to see it for myself! Until then…goodnight!

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