Autumn is Approaching

October in Texas is definitely my favorite month. The weather starts to cool down, Halloween is approaching, and of course, the State Fair of Texas!! Today couldn’t be more of a perfect day to start out the month right with some tasty fried goodness. So, I am off to the fair today to sample some of this year’s crazy fried recipes.

The State Fair of Texas is the home of the Fletcher’s Corny Dog…hands down my favorite food item at the fair. In 2005 the fair committee established a contest, the Big Tex Choice Awards, to discover the most unique food item presented by the vendors. This year’s award winner was Fried Beer. I’m not really sure how you fry beer, and I will definitely head over to the booth to take a peek…but I think I’ll leave the taste to my imagination. 

Check out some of last year’s tasty treats and make sure you come back for my 2010 Fair report. 🙂

You can’t talk about October and not think Pumpkins!!! Every year my family and friends get together for our annual pumpkin carving…and every year I attempt to get a little better, and a little faster (I’m always the last to finish by a mile). Pumpkin patches, the brisk weather, and corny dogs definitely put me in a festive mood.

What’s your favorite October event? Also, if you know of any cool sites for pumpkin carving templates do share!

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