dishKarma – My Ultimate Meal

A few weeks ago a representative from contacted me about submitting a video for their blog. This is a great organization that partners with Feed America to help battle the fight against hunger in the U.S. For every 5th dish you upload to their site, a meal will be donated to Feed America, an organization that helps aid local food banks!

For the blog section of their site they are asking foodies from all over the US to submit their Ultimate Meal. There are no rules, you can select any restaurant(s) and combination of food from anywhere in the world. Continue reading


4 Quick, Easy, and Healthy Weeknight Meals

Things have been so crazy lately that sometimes I don’t even have time to eat dinner, let alone cook. It’s always good to have an arsenal of recipes under your belt when your running short on time. When I have a busy week coming up I reach into my quick and easy recipe box for a few regulars that I know will not disappoint. So here are 4 of my all time favorite meals that make their way to my table multiple times a month. Give them a try!!

*Disclaimer: Yes…I am partial to Cooking Light. They are quick, easy, and HEALTHY!!! So the majority of my recipes come from them. Hit me up Cooking Light!! 🙂 Continue reading

Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Pt. 2

As a fellow Dallasite I’ve definitely heard an ear full of Erykah Badu since the release of her “Window Seat” video last month. The news has been full of likes and dislikes for Ms. Badu’s controversial video shoot.

If you aren’t aware of her most recent escapade, she did a gorilla style shoot for her latest single by walking the streets of downtown Dallas, slowly stripping down to her birthday suit. Once she reached the famed Dealey Plaza she was completely in the buff and “shot” to the ground in front of quite a few bystanders. In the conservative world of the south this translated into two major outcries. First, she got naked in front of a crowd of people that included some small children, and second, she portrayed herself being shot in the same spot JFK’s life was ended. Everyone has heard plenty of opinions on this, so I’ll get down to my own personal opinion on what really matters…the phenomenal piece of music that is New Amerykah Pt. 2.

Continue reading at Virgin Records

Top 10 Mexican Food Restaurants

A few weeks ago I recognized something about myself…okay maybe not recognized, but came to terms with the fact that I am completely OBSESSED with mexican food! I have a few pounds that I’ve been trying to lose and realized that if I would just lay off the carb filled cuisine for a few weeks I just might reach my goal. SO I made the very harsh decision to boycott my favorite food in the entire world for two weeks. When I told Matt (my husband) he responded immediately…”NO WAY…you can’t do it”. Everyone else in my life pretty much agreed that this might be impossible for me to achieve. Thankfully, Matt was there to participate with me on this difficult adventure.

I would say I eat mexican food about 2-3 times a week, go through about 2 bags of chips, and a large container of homemade salsa a week. This is a normal week. There have been times where I’ve eaten it 3-4 days in a row, and when I actually worked in a mexican food restaurant and ate for free…well…you get the point. No other cuisine touches every inch of my taste buds like mexican food does. I absolutely love spicy food, so the more peppers there are…raw, cooked..doesn’t matter to me..the better! Continue reading

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