Song of the Day: Poliҫa “Lay Your Cards Out”

Ahh yes my favorite time of the week. Nothing goes better on a Friday then a little music to get your weekend started. For today’s Song of the Day I’m going back to last year’s release, Give You the Ghost, from the Minneapolis based group, Poliҫa.

Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olson put together quite the dream-scape on their debut record with Leaneagh’s heavily distorted vocals and Olson’s hypnotic beats. I see myself driving down a long winding road in the dark with only the headlights guiding the way (Lost Highway anyone) with this song on blast. Very few people can pull off Channy’s heavy vocals track after track, and honestly at first it was a little much. I couldn’t stop listening  though and now I think it’s quite brilliant.

So turn the volume up and enjoy your weekend! If you’re a new band or know of a great band that you’d like to see featured on Song of the Day let me know in the comments below.

Happy Listening!

Lay Your Cards Out:

Image source: Ofive.TV

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