Quick & Easy Snacking – American Idol Top 6

Out of 125,000 hopefuls American Idol has whittled it down to 5 contestants. With the season finale quickly approaching I can honestly say I have no idea who’s going to take the Season 10 Idol crown. Unfortunately, it will not be Casey Abrams. Casey has been one of my favorite contestants this entire season. Not only is he, hands down, the most talented musician out of the whole bunch, but he always kept a level of surprise and excitement each and every week. He will definitely be missed.

The theme last week was songs from the queen of folk-rock herself, Ms. Carole King. Carole has written songs for just about every genre and the most talented musicians over the last 5 decades. Keeping with the theme of the week I decided to recreate some popular dishes from the Hard Rock Cafe menu in honor of Ms. King’s song of the same name.

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Quick & Easy Snacking – American Idol Top 7

Another week gone and another Idol sent home during last week’s top 7 showcase on American Idol. The sultry toned, yet bottom three plagued, Stefano Langone saw his Idol run come to an end. Stefano had one of his strongest performances yet with Ne-Yo’s “Closer”, but it still wasn’t strong enough for the American voters to secure him a spot in the top 6.

The Idols performed songs of the 21st century, so sticking with the health contentious theme of the last decade, I was cooking up some quick and healthy snacks for your Idol viewing pleasure.

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Quick & Easy Snacking – American Idol Top 8

We’re inching closer and closer to the American Idol finale next month and from now on we’ll be seeing some major talent going home each week. Last week’s Idol Top 8 performed songs inspired by the movies and Paul McDonald, unfortunately, did not impress with his rendition of “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” from the film Risky Business.

Paul’s quirky dance moves and pearly white smile will be missed, but something tells me we’ll be seeing him around the Hollywood scene sooner then later (or possibly walking the next Twilight premier).

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Quick & Easy Snacking – American Idol Top 9

Last week’s American Idol results show delivered one of the most shocking eliminations in Idol history. One of the three remaining females in the competition, and probably one of the most vocally talented contestants was sent packing. Pia Toscano strayed from her usual power-packed ballads for an upbeat classic, “River Deep, Mountain High.” America apparently didn’t like the change up and cut Pia’s Idol run extremely short. With two ladies left in the competition it’s not looking good for a female winner this year.

With a Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame theme and tons of talent packed in to Wednesday night’s performance round, I decided to pay homage to two great bands. These recipes are a little more detailed then a quick and easy snack, but are well worth the extra effort.

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Quick & Easy Snacking – American Idol Top 11 Pt.2

Last week on American Idol we had one last look at the top 11 before two Idol hopefuls were sent home. Thankfully, last weeks dramatic results show, coupled with Casey Abrams spot on performance of the Elton John classic, Your Song, kept him safe and in it for another week.

Unfortunately, for Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia, they sang their last tunes on the Idol stage Tuesday night. Even though I will miss Naima’s vibrance onstage I wasn’t too surprised by her elimination, and Thia, the girl’s got talent, but I definitely agree with American on that vote (or lack thereof).

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