A Digital View of New Orleans

We had such an amazing time in New Orleans, which I think is pretty evident considering I took over 300 pictures. There were so many photo ops that I couldn’t snap my photos fast enough. I don’t have the most high tech camera but I must say, my little Canon PowerShot has been pretty amazing to me so far.

So, I thought I would try something different and dedicate a blog post strictly to my photos from New Orleans. Enjoy, and feel free to post, or link, to some of your favorite photos! Continue reading


Cajun Bliss…New Orleans Style!

Matt and I just got back from an amazing long weekend in New Orleans. I’m ashamed to admit that it’s taken me this long to finally make it down to the Big Easy, but I made it, and it was amazing!!

My dad is a superb Cajun cook so growing up I really grew to love the cuisine. So it came as no surprise that I completely fell in love with New Orleans the moment I had my first bite of Shrimp Creole and a sip of my first Hurricane. The food was pure heaven and the atmosphere was infectious. Continue reading

Summertime and Lobster Rolls

Ever since my trip to Boston last year I have been craving a lobster roll! Unfortunately, living in Texas you aren’t always thinking lobster for dinner, especially due to the steep price tag. Then every once in a while, like Christmas in August, a local seafood market offers up a fantastic reason to eat lobster for dinner…Lobster Sale!!!

Monday morning I came in to work with a lovely gift in my inbox, Central Market was having a sale on live Main Lobsters for $9.99 a pound. There’s only one thing you do when you get an email like that, you re-plan your meal for that evening, jump in your car, and get some lobster! So with a beautiful 1 3/4 pound live Main Lobster and Canadian Lobster Tail in tow the evening’s meal became crystal clear in my mind!!! Continue reading

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