A Culinary Masterpiece

Sunday night Matt and I had the pleasure of dining at Stephan Pyles in downtown Dallas and it was absolutely decadent. For those of you who have followed my posts I’m sure it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Southwest and Mexican Cuisine are my absolute favs. So what better way to spend Valentine’s Day then with one of the founding fathers of Southwest Cuisine!

We usually reserve either Valentine’s Day or our Anniversary to spend at an ultra swanky restaurant that we’ve always wanted to try. Stephan Pyles was definitely one of those places. I’ve been to quite a few 5 star steak houses and they have been absolutely delicious, but this was my first true culinary experience. The creativity in the food was so exceptional that I was literally left speechless. Continue reading


Pork Chops with Fennel and Caper Sauce

I love Valentine’s Day. All of the beautiful flowers, red and pink colors everywhere, and the opportunity to wine and dine your favorite sweetheart always puts a smile on my face. There are some amazing restaurants in the Dallas area, unfortunately some of the best are always some of the most expensive.

Last year Matt and I decided to stay in for Valentines and create our own culinary atmosphere. We ended up making some amazing sirloins top with seared scallops and shrimp with roasted red potatoes and spinach on the side. I love cooking with my husband, it just makes the result that much more special. Continue reading

Top 5 Must Haves for a Snowy Day

It snowed in Dallas yesterday, and I’m not talking about the normal snow (a few flakes and no stickage), it was REALLY coming down. Living in the south we don’t experience cold temperatures like our friends in the North, and we definitely do not see snow like this. It is so beautiful and all it makes me want to do is curl up on the couch, turn on a good flick, and eat!

Nothing says winter to me like comfort food (or beverages). There are just certain types of foods that you don’t eat as much in the summertime, especially when it tops out at 100 degrees on a cool day. Here are a few of my favorite wintery treats. Continue reading

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